How to Choose the Best Painting Contractors Perth?

Painting is a job that is always best left to a professional. You might think that you are capable of taking on painting. However, it could not be further from the truth as it would end up making your life a lot harder. You would end up making mistakes which would only increase the cost of the work. On the other hand, the professional painters will provide you with a cost-effective service that is devoid of any mistakes. Hence, you should always consider seeking the help of a professional painter who will go out of their way to provide you with the service that you require. It is a decision that you need to make the earlier the better.

When spring or summer rolls around, you are likely to feel that you need to take on a home project. As the weather gets better, it is best to paint your home or office to ensure that it looks its best. There simply is no better option. Painting allows you to make the most of the weather and add a new touch to the property. This is not something that you can expect otherwise.

By hiring a painting service, you get to repaint the walls and hide those nicks and dings that have accumulated. Besides, it is a great idea to want to revamp the property. With the best painting contractors Perth by your side, you would not need to worry about hurting your pocket. This is where this post comes in handy. It takes a close look at the best tips that will help you choose the best service. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in.

1. Plan Your Budget

Before you start looking for painting contractors Perth, it is important that you plan your budget. Since cost is something that you cannot afford to ignore, it is best that you prepare a budget before you explore your options. However, it is vital that you prepare a realistic budget. Otherwise, it would be impossible to find a service that meets your requirements. Being realistic would also enable you to seek the results that you are looking for.

When preparing the budget, you need to think about the amount of prep work required, the scale of the project, and the quality of the materials used. It is essential that you search for contractors that do not have very low fees as it would result in inexperienced painters using the cheapest paints to provide you with an inefficient service. Instead, you need to make sure that you do not compromise on quality. It would allow you to take the right decision. Always remember that you would get what you pay for. This is why it is important that you do not try to save too much money as it would end up hurting the outcome.

2. Request a Quote from Multiple Painting Companies

The next tip that will help you choose the best painting contractors Perth is requesting a quote from multiple painting companies. You need to ask a few companies for a quote before you make up your mind. It would enable you to compare the pricing and service included so that you do not struggle with making a decision. This way you would know how much to pay for the service and what to expect from the service itself. Comparing quotes is always the best way to go. It is due to this reason that you get to request a quote from different companies. It would point you in the right direction. As you would have always planned the budget, you would be able to compare the quotes to decide which service to consider.

3. Review Feasible Options

The internet has made it incredibly easy to choose the best painting contractors Perth. You can use online resources for finding the best service. Angie’s List, Google, and Yelp are the perfect place to start. Then, you can expand your reach by asking people you know for recommendations. Look up service providers in your area so that you know which services are available. You can prepare a list of the companies that can be hired for the job. You could even list down their pros and cons to determine which company would make for the best choice.  

Now, you must think to yourself which factor is most important to you. It will make your life a lot easier as you would know what to look for. It could be reputation, price, proximity, or just about anything else. It is important that you do not make the mistake of selecting the first company that pops up on Google search. There is a lot that goes into deciding who to hire. You must do your own due diligence before making up your mind. You must research into the different contractors out there.

4. Ask for Referrals

When it comes to hiring the best painting contractors Perth, it is always a good idea to ask for referrals. They provide you with great insight into why you should hire the service. Besides, it helps put your mind at ease. Ask around to find out if your neighbors or friends have hired someone for a paintjob recently. They should help give you an idea about who to hire. It would make your life a lot easier as you would not need to conduct extensive research since they would have already hired the service and tell you about what you can expect.

Ask about the experience that your friends have had to form an opinion about the service. It will ensure that you do not have to stress about making the wrong decision. Their review will make things a lot easier for you since you would know everything about the services. Besides this, you could look up online reviews to stay in the clear.  

5. Ask the Right Questions

Next, you need to ask the right questions to ensure that you receive the best service. Having a list of potential contractors is just not enough. You also need to interview them to rate them. Get in touch with each and every contractor for a chat. It should help you determine whether to hire the contractor or not. Only when you ask the right questions would you be able to hire the right contractor. The following questions should make things a lot easier for you.

·         Could you offer a list of references of the most recent clients?

·         How long have you been operating in the industry?

·         Can you provide your latest insurance certificate to determine the general liability?

·         Do you belong to any professional painting organization?

·         Which products do you use to perform the paintjob?

·         Would I need to purchase the paint on my own or would it be included in the service?

·         Are you employing workers or hire subcontractors for the job?

·         Is the service lead-safe certified?

·         Would I need to contact maids once the renovation cleaning is done?

·         How long would it take for the job to be completed?

·         Does the work come with a warranty?

6. Get a Contract

Before you close any deal, you also need to get a contract. Therefore, you should ask the painting contractor for a contract to get everything in writing. It should include key information such as the name and address along with the details of the job such as the estimate, the space being painted, and the number of workers taking on the paintjob. Everything should be clearly mentioned in the contract. It will make your life a lot easier since you would not need to stress about anything going wrong. The company would be liable in case anything goes wrong according to the contract. Thus, you get a guarantee against excessive fading, flaking, blistering, peeling, and chipping within a few months or weeks.

7. Hold Out

When hiring painting contractors Perth, the best forward is to hold out. You should not immediately make the entire payment. Instead, you should simply make a down payment of about 15% to 20%. The remaining amount should only be paid once you are fully satisfied with the service. It will help safeguard your best interests as the company will be compelled to provide you with the service that you require in order to receive the final payment. It is always best to withhold the remaining payment so that everything goes according to your requirements. This tip is followed by just about every experienced person. Hence, you should also follow suit to reap the benefits of holding out.


Once you have finished reading this post, you should have no trouble choosing the best painting contractors in Perth. They will make your life a lot easier since you would not need to stress about anything going wrong. Take advantage of the tips mentioned above for an experience unlike any other. They will help safeguard your best interests.

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