June 18, 2024

How to Choose Stone for Engagement Rings

The energy of stones is an interesting topic to consider when choosing between, for instance, a handmade moonstone engagement ring or a diamond engagement ring. It is said that the gemstones that we wear every day have the most effect on us. Well, it’s not customary to part with a wedding ring! How to choose a stone that can become not only jewellery but also a talisman? Let’s talk about the rules of stone selection.

Diamond in the engagement ring

The most popular inlay in wedding rings (for engagement, wedding and betrothal rings) are, of course, diamonds. It’s not just their beauty, but also their durability: a diamond is a benchmark for hardness, with a maximum score of 10 on the Mohs scale. So in terms of practicality, a diamond is the best choice. But what can be said about it in terms of energy?

A diamond in an engagement ring:

  • will make the bond stronger;
  • strengthen the couple’s decision to be faithful to each other;
  • help the couple to achieve financial independence and even wealth;
  • will help achieve common goals.

Sapphire in a wedding ring

Sapphire and ruby are siblings of the corundum family. They have the same hardness rating on the Mohs scale, second only to a diamond at 9 points. Both stones are perfect for use in such rings as engagement, wedding, and engagement rings.

When it comes to the energy of stones, the sapphire:

  • makes love mutual – the emotional contribution of both spouses to the relationship will be equal;
  • “cools the head,” making us calmer and wiser;
  • strengthens mutual respect;

The stone of kings, the beautiful blue sapphire is a perfect candidate for the main role in an engagement ring. It is just right for you if you dream of marriage as a haven of peace where you can be protected from the worries of the outside world. If you lack patience and sometimes you explode over nonsense, a sapphire in an engagement ring will help to lower the temperature of your passions. Blue corundum is not recommended for those ladies who are accused of being too cold and sensible.

Emerald in the engagement ring

Emerald in an engagement ring is a rare case, and this is a good reason to choose it! The naturally occurring green beryl is characterized by the presence of a “garden” of micro-cracks and inclusions. One can easily tell a natural emerald from an artificially bred one just by the presence of the “garden.

An emerald in a wedding ring:

  • will prolong the spring of your relationship for many years – it is an amulet of eternal youth;
  • Will strengthen the devotion of the spouses to each other;
  • will help you have as many daughters and sons as you dream of;
  • learn to understand the other half without words – it is easier to feel the emotional state of your partner;
  • will give an increase in the financial well-being of the family.

If you dream to keep the same freshness of emotions that you had in the first days of dating, do not worry about anything and choose the emerald! This is a wonderful talisman for all women, helping to keep their mental and physical youth.


Rubies often adorn engagement rings, as they are the stone of passion, the fire that brings a man and a woman together. It is also beautiful, noble, and reliable.

Ruby in a wedding ring:

  • makes love mutual;
  • protects what’s most precious to a man – his home, his children;
  • gives strength to resist casual infatuation, protects from love affairs;
  • becomes a protection against negative influences.

If you like your relationship to sparkle with emotion, choose a ruby! It will fill your nights with fire. Stone connoisseurs do not advise wearing ruby permanently to irascible people – it makes them even more explosive. Also, it is contraindicated to those who are jealous.

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