Astrological significance of wearing a blue sapphire


Blue Sapphire is one of the most unique and beautiful gemstones and is used for attracting wealth and prosperity. According to Vedic astrologers and the most Famous Astrologer in Kolkata, you can get the best benefits from wearing a Blue Sapphire stone the maximum we wear the natural and unheated ones. It is also believed that the stone is useful for resolving financial, educational, and several other problems that we face during the tiring phase of Shani-SadeSati. The gemstone is also called Neelam, and the Mohs scale of this stone is 9 out of 10. Therefore, this unique gemstone enhances beauty and prosperity in your life.

The properties of a blue sapphire

The blue sapphires are associated with mental focus, vision, and inner awareness. According to the Chakra theory, Blue Sapphires consist of healing power. These stones can enrich the power of our third eye to give more insight. It is also used to enrich the throat chakra. Helping the chakra, the stone, broadens our communication skills and helps us avoid miscommunication and conflict.

The blue sapphire is also considered celestial and enhances our prophecy and Divine favour. The jewel is also famous in religious history and folklore globally. Blue sapphires were used in ancient and medieval times to increase the height of celestial faith and hope. Blue sapphire also consists of protection properties, spiritual power, and good luck. Moreover, it is also a symbol of strength, power, purity and judgement power. 

Why the stone is blue 

Sapphire is the best when it is found in Blue, and it is also the most commonly found colour. However, sapphires can be found in several other hues as well. The stone’s colour depends on the percentage of iron and titanium during its formation. The blue sapphire is available in Kashmir Blue and Royal Blue. You can also get a cornflower blue and a light blue.

The colour of the sapphire may vary due to the presence of elements such as chromium during its formation. You can get an orange or red tint colour for a sapphire. You can also get several more rare colours that include pink, yellow, green, and purple.

Blue sapphires are symbolic of romance, love and devotion. The gem is associated with one’s faith, belief and joy in their partner and cherishing purity and heavenly desires in love.

Unique qualities of a blue sapphire

The prices of the Blue Sapphires can vary according to several factors. Sapphire blue stones are undoubtedly one of the most valuable naturally blue-coloured precious gemstones globally. They are the unique choice of several people for the colour, hardness, durability, and ability to sparkle in the light. It is also well-known for its one other phenomenon that is called lustre, according to the Top Astrologer in Mumbai.

Benefits of wearing this gemstone

  • This precious gemstone is believed to overcome financial losses if you wear it for long days. It is also effective against the power of evil spirits and can help you to overcome all bad influences. 
  • If you wear blue sapphire, you can experience the best development in social, professional, and married life by wearing it. Moreover, the gemstone has health benefits as well. 
  • Neelam is believed to have benefits, including curing several serious health problems. Astrologers also suggest wearing it to cure problems related to the secretive system, teeth, feet, bones, knees, joints, muscles, etc.
  • Astrology considers Blue Sapphire as the fastest healing gemstone. This precious gemstone is beneficial for Capricorn and Aquarius people. They can wear them to get the best results in their careers, education, and personal lives.

The proper way of wearing the gemstone

If you want to get the best results from wearing a blue sapphire, you must wear this powerful gemstone properly. You must choose the guidance from experts or after the recommendation of the experts. The minimum weight of the Blue Sapphire stone or the Neelam stone for wearing is 2 carats. You must wear the gem on metals like Silver or Platinum. You must not choose gold to use with Blue Sapphires as it has several positive effects. However, it can produce negative effects while mingled with a blue sapphire. You can consider Saturdays to wear the gemstone and wear it on the middle finger of any hand. Before you wear it, you must keep the stone in a bowl of milk for about an hour and then let it dip in rose water for some time.


So, the Blue sapphire is rich in astrological significance. However, you can also contact a Famous Astrologer in Kolkata to know more about more benefits of wearing a Blue Sapphire.

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