How Astrology And Vastu Are Related?

While planning and building a home, both astrology and Vastu play a critical role, says a famous Jyotish. Both the concepts help choose how and when it’ll be constructed.

Particular deities govern over all the 8 major directions, as per Vastu. Therefore, you need to assign interior spaces as per the governing deity. Astrology too allots a planet to every direction and specifies how these spaces need to be used.

Importance of Astrology

The usage of astrology these days is primarily for personal and spiritual aspects. A majority of religions, counting Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism, decide their major events and festivals via astrology. Many are yet dependent upon astrology-based calendars to get an idea of the happenings of events like lunar eclipse or solar eclipse. Making decisions in important matters of life, solving someone’s problem, and knowing the prospects of somebody’s marriage, wellbeing, career, wealth, etc., are all included in the personal usages of Astrology.

Besides the philosophies, beliefs, and customs, the things that draw a person of today to astrology are anxieties, tension, and worries of the present. Typically, a person looks for astrological advice and solutions to expect better health, career, marital life, or family life. 

Importance of Vastu

Since it was originally made for temples, over the years, people have begun using Vastu principles for building their houses and, once seeing its effective result, started utilizing it in the construction of schools, hospitals, offices, etc.

Vastu used today is not completely dissimilar from the one used earlier. But, it has undergone some modification, and its style has changed as per the needs of the modern world.  

However, the main idea of the contemporary Vastu-compliant architectural building stays unchanged that has derived from the Vedic sutras. The shape of the constructions and directions are the key elements of the modern Vastu.

The shapes can be a square plot, wheel-shaped plot, bar-shaped plot, or rectangular plot. The directions are named Agneya (South East), Nyruthi (South-west), Eesanya (North-East), and Vayavya (North-West).

The Best Vastu Tips for a New House

1.      Don’t go for any dark color such as black or red for the walls of your living room.

2.      Make sure that a mirror isn’t placed before the bed

3.      Don’t keep any medications inside the kitchen

4.      Ensure that there is no common wall between the bathroom and Pooja room.

5.      It would be great to hang a well-designed nameplate outside the main entrance.

Planets Ruling Various Areas of a House and Certain Aspects of One’s Life

1.      Mars and Venus

Planet Mars commands the south, whereas Venus commands the Kitchen area. As per the advice of astrologers, the kitchen of the house must be located in the south-eastern direction (Agneya corner). If the kitchen is located next to a bathroom or opposite to a bedroom, then it may be unfavorable for you and may result in health or monetary issues.  

2.      Sun

This planet commands the eastern direction, and according to Vastu, you must locate the entry gate here. The windows located in the eastern direction must be large-sized to allow maximum sunlight inside the house.

3.      Mercury

Mercury is the ruler of the north and exterior spaces such as the guest room, verandah, the living room, etc. If your bedroom is attached to the hall, then it is auspicious. But if there is no ventilation in the hall and it is dark, it can lead to problems.

4.      Saturn

This planet is the ruler of the west, according to a famous jyotish. You can locate the pantry, storeroom, etc., in this direction. It seems promising to keep foodstuffs here, and it attracts wealth, too.

5.      Jupiter

As per online astrologers and Vastu experts, the planet Jupiter governs the northeastern direction. Therefore, this is an auspicious direction. Here you can locate the Pooja room.

6.      Moon

This planet governs the left side of the house and is connected with the daughter or mother. If your house’s left side is cluttered and dark, this can lead to health problems for the wife.

7.      Rahu

The planet Rahu rules the southwest direction, says the most famous online astrologers. Southwest is an ideal location for keeping unwanted materials. This can be a great place for locating a toilet. The main door of the house must be larger compared to other doors as Rahu has an impact on the main door.

8.      Ketu

Similar to Jupiter, Ketu too commands the northeastern direction. This planet, too, commands the staircases, back doors, ditches, and lavatories.

Final Thoughts

Both astrology and Vastu have some connection in various traditions, such as Lal Kitab and Vedic Astrology. To learn more about the two topics, you can connect with a trustworthy best astrologer in India and have an astrology chat online.

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