Which Signs Fit Together in Terms of the Partner’s Horoscope?

From the point of view of tradition, partners of the same element, such as Fish and Scorpio, or Taurus and Capricorn, go together. However, from an astrological and especially psychological point of view, there is a need for mental, emotional and sexual harmony. The most important thing is the ability to communicate and “get carried away 24 hours a day”.

There is no clear and functioning rule that would follow only from the sign. That is why astrologers develop partner horoscopes. Here they compare not only the position of the Sun (our ego), but mainly the position of the Moon and Venus (feeling, love), as well as the position of Mars (sexual attraction) and the planet Mercury (mutual communication).

How is it possible that even people born in the same sign, not saying day, are different?

Each person is an original or a unique individuality.

From the best pandit in Ludhiana point of view, we can explain this fact in cases where two people born on the same day have little in common. 

This is because each of them has a different hour and birth place. The so-called ascendant is calculated from these two values. This is one of the most important features in the horoscope, because it is our “second” starting sign.

This is what affects our appearance, physical side and the behavior we use in our surroundings and our surroundings also perceive us in the same way. He often perceives us as a sign of the ascendant.

Another important feature is the position of the Moon in our horoscope, which affects our feelings and perceptions. The moon orbits the zodiac behind a half a day, and thus in people born, for example, half an hour in a row on the same day and the same year, there can be significant differences in perception and feeling. It is for this reason, for example, twins born half an hour in a row may be completely different.

Different People have Different Opinions on Astrology

Opinions on astrology divide society into several camps. Some consider it complete nonsense, others admit that there might be something to her, and the last one believes her infinitely. It is not for us to confirm or unequivocally condemn its veracity. Everyone has to make a picture of themselves. In addition, a lot depends on the interpretation, because it is not a horoscope like a horoscope.

It will take time and experience to get into astrology. Only then can the horoscope provide a more thorough picture of character (and even health) dispositions, strengths, and potential problems and you can even use tarot cards readings Ludhiana for knowing about the future acts. It indicates how we react in different situations, whether we are more choleric or phlegmatic and so on. However, the nature of the child is, of course, significantly influenced by the upbringing and conditions in which he lives.

Therefore, whether you have little Scorpio or Aquarius at home, approach his upbringing primarily with love. Do not spare praise if your offspring succeeds, but do not forget consistency, because not only little Lambs must be led to discipline.