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How to Preserve the Memory of Your Hereford Wedding

Your wedding day is one that you won’t want to ever forget. That is why people carefully plan how best to keep the memories living on long after the event has come and gone. There are lots of great options, as long as you are actively seeking them out. This post has some of the best ways you can store those precious moments for many years to come. 

Preserve Your Bouquet

One thing that all brides and grooms love to do is preserve the wedding bouquet. You could put it in a frame or dry the flowers and keep them in a permanent vase. The idea is then that you display them somewhere suitable in your home so that you can see them and be reminded of the moment you met down the aisle, began your new life as a married couple, and went on to celebrate with all of your friends and family. 

Provide a Guest Book

It is quite typical to have a guest book for people to leave a nice message about the bride or groom. This is something you can keep forever. Everyone does this differently from having an actual book and selection of pens on a table to a jar filled with tiny wishes and sentiments. Whichever format you pick, you will have a beautiful set of messages and well wishes from all of your loved ones to read whenever you feel like it. 

Hire a Photo Booth

Photo booths serve multiple purposes at weddings. They are both a fun way to keep your guests entertained during the reception and a brilliant starting point for a unique wedding album. People can take some photos home with them, and leave some for you to collate into a book or frame. These pictures will show people’s authentic, happy selves as they voluntarily jump in and out of the booth throughout the evening. Find out more about photo booth hire Hereford here:

 Create a Time Capsule Box

For something else completely magical, why not ask everyone to make a contribution to a time capsule box, with your wedding as the theme? They can put something special that reminds them of the main couple, or just a special trinket from the wedding itself. Pick a date in the future, typically a tenth anniversary, and be reminded of all the wonderful things that made your day unique. 

First Dance Ideas

There are lots of ways to commemorate your first dance from framing the lyrics to making sure there are lots of videos taken during the event. The first dance is a key moment for any newly married couple, and this song will be special to you forever. While you are not likely to forget it, it will still bring warm feelings every time you read the words or see it in action. 

Preserving the memories of your wedding is a top goal. Given that this is a day you will want to keep close forever, it is important to prepare and plan for ways you can do just that. Make sure there are lots of photographs and ask everyone to leave you a message. 

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