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What is the Best Carat Size for Moissanite?

As we know, moissanite is cheaper than diamond. So it is tempting for us to buy a large stone. However, is it moissanite as larger as better? What is the best carat size for moissanite? Unluckily, there are no certain answers to these questions. The best carat size for moissanite stone varies from person to person because it depends on the preference of people. As the recent-year sales of moissanite rings show, more than 70% of people will choose a 1.0ct or 1.5ct moissanite stone as the center stone for their moissanite engagement rings. However, it does not mean the size is suitable for you. To help you get the best carat size moissanite for you, we will tell you some key points. 

Carat Weight 

Before shopping for the perfect moissanite, it is necessary to correct the mistake that many people believe the carat size refers to the gemstone size. Actually carat size is the universal measurement unit for the weight of the gemstones. One carat is equivalent to 200 milligrams. The larger the carat is, the heavier the stone will be. But it does not mean an increase in stone size. For example, a brilliant round 6.5mm diamond weighs about 1ct while the equivalent size moissanite gemstone only weighs 0.88ct. 

However, what is exactly the measurement for the moissanite size? In general, the measurement unit for the size of a gemstone is a millimeter. For example, one carat brilliant round moissanite stone is about 6.5mm. 

Personal Style 

Moissanite stones are cheap, which is only a fraction of the price of a natural diamond. This allows couples who are dreaming of a sizeable center stone to be able to afford a large center stone engagement ring. However, whether a big moissanite center stone is suitable for your partner or not is not sure. It is better to take what’s your partner’s fashion style into consideration. For example, if she is a minimalist, a smaller-size center stone will be preferred, while those who enjoy wearing an extravagant and luxurious style may love a larger stone. Only the stone size that your loved one likes the most is the best carat size for moissanite.

Keep it well coordinated 

If you are shopping for a moissanite ring for engagement, it is also necessary to take the stone size of moissanite earrings and pendants for a delicate bridal set. To make you look perfect in every detail, well coordination between your engagement ring and the earrings and pendant of your bride set in the stone size, color, and metal is worth more attention because, from an aesthetic perspective, loss of coordination will ruin the overall aesthetic style. Every bride wants to appear perfectly at the engagement party. So try to choose the best carat size for your moissanite that will fit your bride’s set. 

Plus, also remember to make it well coordinated with your hand. Blindly pursuing a larger stone is not recommended. An appropriate size will be more versatile with small hands to achieve a more stunning effect. 

Cutting Style

The stone size is significantly influenced by the cutting style you select. Those who want a big center stone usually prefer elongated cuts like oval, pear, and marquise because they can make a stone appear larger than it is. Besides, these cuts visually lengthen the wearer’s hand, portraying a slim appearance that emphasizes the size of the center stone. 

Besides, if you want to get a center stone that is both large and dazzling, brilliant cuts are recommended. This cut makes all of the stone’s facets visible from every angle so it will appear larger. Plus, it intricately changes the way light refracts through the stone, making it look extremely brilliant. In other words, such a moissanite stone will be noticeable. 

Consider the setting and metal you choose 

The setting you select for your center stone will make an illusion of a larger stone. A halo setting is a perfect design to make your stone appear larger than it is by maximizing the stone’s surface area by encircling it with a halo of brilliant stone. And it is wise to pair this setting with a knife-edged or small band and a slim prong to magnify the stone visually. 

Furthermore, metals such as platinum and white gold can also produce the effect of a larger moissanite center stone. They can maximize the brilliance by reflecting light through the center stone, making the center stone look more eye-catching. 

Purchase it from a reliable store with 7/24 support

Currently, there are still very few regulations for the moissanite jewelry market. To avoid a low-quality moissanite stone, it is better to buy one from a trusted shop where the source, cut and quality are well-guaranteed. And a reputed store like Best Carat Jewelry that offers 24/7 support is better. It allows you to find answers to your questions and get suggestions from them instantly. 


When shopping for a large moissanite stone, choosing an appropriate size for your stone is needed. Plus, you can also try to magnify your stone visually and make it look perfect by adopting a proper cutting style and selecting perfect settings and metals for them. Never shy away from trying more ring styles. Only in this way can you get the best carat size for your moissanite stone. 

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