July 23, 2024

Wooden Engagement Ring: For the Trendsetters

Whether it is a unique day or a basic day, rings are always worn as a moment of celebration. Rings are usually used to symbolize everything from devotion, fidelity, and eternity to the main representation of our lives. Rings usually portray a feeling of power and eternity but in some cases, different types of rings show different meanings according to their characteristics and stone. Some rings consist of different stones which have designated meanings eg: Amethyst. Is known that there are nearly 30 versions of rings, it is known as the most popular piece of jewelry worn by both men and women. The most popular rings in style these days are Eternity rings, pear-shaped rings, unique engagement rings, and rings in rose gold. Big rings are called cocktail rings.

About wooden rings

Another type of ring which is in trend these days is wooden engagement rings. No one can ever imagine their lives without wood. It is known that people have been crafting wood products since the beginning, so that is why wood wedding rings are not some new-age fashion but linked to our roots. It is known that our ancestors relied on wood to craft basic tools from it, weapons, and even jewelry in that case.

Wooden rings are mainly known as the symbol of continuous growth and strength.

They are known as the fine display of natural beauty and for couples searching for eco-friendly wooden bands which are the perfect option. Unlike metal the wooden rings came from a living tree which contributed to the air we breathe, food for forest creatures and they have spawned several offspring in its day. The wooden rings are known to have a history as the trees were cut down, many of them over a hundred years ago and used as a home for family, a shelter for livestock, or to season whiskey, history is important to us and wood often has a rich history overall that connects us. Each wooden ring is known to have a unique difference in its coloration. 

DIY Wooden engagement Rings


  • Wood 
  • A saw {hacksaw or band saw}
  • Vice 
  • Dreamer tool 
  • Sandpaper {100-120 grits} or with a belt sander 
  • Speedbor wood bit or large diameter drill bit with an electric drill
  • Tung oil {must}
  • Heat gun{optional}


Step 1: Choosing the wood: The first step in making wooden rings is to choose the right wood mainly, so one must choose fair and dense wood. local wood supply stores usually have bins of exotic wood billets which are perfect for these projects, as these woods have great properties and are not expensive at all; you could make a hundred rings with the wood. You could not always get a perfect wood so you must try to get a denser one in that case.

Step 2: Firstly, you must cut out the ring blanks with the grain, as it is stated earlier that the rings always end up being fairly thin. One must respect the ring grain or else you will end up cracking the ring at some stage of this process.

Step 3: Then you must measure and cut out the ring blanks, it depends upon how the billet grain is situated you can either cut one long ⅜ strip from the wood, and then you can cut that into 1 2/8 size block or cut it from the end. You can always choose these options as the billets can be used for something else.

Step 4: The next step is to drill the hole and then you may use the speedboat or drill but that is a little smaller than its actual hole. If not, then you can always use the dreamer tool or sand to get it right.

Step 5: Then you must sand the hole to fit it and use the dreamer tool to sand down the hole, mainly so I could take the picture. One must remember not to force the wood on the finger as it should slide over the knuckle fairly easily.

Step 6: Then you should freehand the ring outer diameter and cut off the corners and use a scribe or something similar and cut off the corners to save time on sanding.

Step 7: Then you should continue with this sanding as this is the most tedious step where one needs to be extra careful, as you can’t put the wood back on. This step is going to take a while because the woods are much denser than say pine.

Step 8: You must then heat treat the ring and once the ring is in final shape you can heat temper it using a heat gun or possibly another heat source. Heat tempering usually strengthens the wood cells to constrict. Don’t forget to make the wood brittle and once the darkness belongs to form flip it over and get it on the other side.

Step 9: Final standing and coating of oil is the next step, you can use tung oil, you can not skip this step as the greasing is well necessary for the ring.  However, exposure to harsh shampoos and other detergents may affect the ring. Tung oil might dry to plastic-like consistency filling the natural pores of the wood while still allowing the natural color and grain to show through.

Step 10: Now finally you can wear this ring with pride as it fits your personality, and skills and mainly it symbolizes strength.

Are wooden rings durable?

The answer is a big YES. Taking care of a wooden ring these days doesn’t require any more effort than taking care of a normal metal ring. One must not expose it to harsh conditions. But you must remember that your wooden ring is surely not to remain for a lifetime

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