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A Few Instagram Poll Queries To Ask The Followers

Your search is ended if you’re seeking a comprehensive collection of Instagram polling questions. This article offers various Instagram poll ideas that agencies may utilize to produce valuable outcomes for the campaign they conduct on behalf of their customers. There is no need to purchase additional Instagram tools because polls on Instagram are already integrated within the Stories tool. Everything you need now is a fantastic concept and great ingenuity. Let’s begin immediately.

What Else Are Polls For Instagram Stories?

The engaging sticker featured in Instagram Stories is how Instagram polls function. It will get you a lot of likes, comments, and impressions. You can also additionally buy Instagram impressions, likes, etc., to make better online exposure. The poll sticker offers a configurable question with two possible responses (by default, “Yes” or “No”). As soon as participants enter answers to the poll, you can check out the results. The Instagram Story poll is an excellent resource for digital marketing companies for three reasons.

Firstly, a poll is an engaging piece of information that might grab the attention of the customer’s intended audience. Additionally, based on your query, they might be fun to respond to. The other reason is that surveys enable you to glean insightful information from the target market. Finally, you may use a variety of content kinds to generate polls rather than just photos. For example, your customer’s most popular Instagram videos, newsfeed posts, and other content can all have polls added to them.

Four Top Recommendations For Poll Questions On Instagram

Here are some short reminders for how to get the maximum out of Instagram polls:

1. Include Teasers First (For Polls With Appropriate Answers)

Instagram polls could help you increase traffic to the customer’s website. Incorporating a link sticker with the message “tap here for the solution” that directs users to the client’s website is a clever trick.

2. Use Polls With Emoji Sliders

Emoji sliding scale polls are fun and a great way to get various responses from Instagram followers. Additionally, polls are pretty adaptable. The emoji could be edited, the question could be changed, and it can be combined with various additional stickers and text.

3. Let Them Select The Superior Option

No matter what this is about, if you can’t even decide between two possibilities, you could always allow your customer’s audience to make the decision. Ask the customer what versions they choose, for instance, if two variations of a similar product were just released.

4. Use Tests

Technically, an Instagram story quiz with several options is a poll. The only difference is that four options are now available rather than just two.

5. Carefully Time Your Polls

Choose a period when you typically see the most significant activity to optimize the exposure of the client’s poll. For example, start by publishing Stories on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays between 11 a.m. and 12 p.m. remember to monitor user interaction and adjust your posting frequency over time.

Using Instagram Polls To Increase User Engagement

Let’s start with some amusing Instagram poll questions you may use at any time.

These delightful inquiries are an excellent way to get to understand your fan base on a more intimate level. So continue reading and enjoy some fun with these suggestions because they are also entertaining topics to comment upon on Instagram posts.

1. If You Could Be Any Superhero, Who Would You Choose To Be?

Asking them to choose between two well-known superheroes will help you learn how the qualities of your customer’s product correspond to the superpowers that go with each character. You can then use this knowledge in future communications. For example, if “The Flash” was selected, explain how the customer can assist their audience in obtaining quick outcomes.

2. How Well-Focused Are You? 

To generate interest and surprise the audience off guard, ask this question. Some potential responses are: A) Very focused, B) Sporadically focused, or C) The backdrop image is excellent.

3. Which Famous Person Would Make A Good?

Consider a few famous people who can play the roles of vampire, werewolves, or immortal.

4. Which Would You Prefer, This Or That?

Consider two equally satisfying things, and make the audience decide which to choose. “Would you want to receive $50,000 per month or $50 million immediately now?” is an excellent illustration.

5. Do You Enjoy Pineapple On Your Pizza?

Some topics, like topping pizza with pineapple, separate individuals into two opposing camps, which typically leads to spirited, in-depth discussions.


It’s more challenging than it seems to manage Instagram polls. The preparation and execution phase can be taxing for agencies because there are so many possible questions to consider. However, by automating several social media processes, Trollishly significantly increases the reach or exposure of social media marketers. It includes curating material, scheduling information, and automated first remarks.

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