July 19, 2024

Why is Bamboo Better than Wood in Cosmetic Package Industry?

If you are one of those keen observers and like to stay close to nature, you must have seen Bamboo being used a lot these days. Not just in furniture but even in cosmetic packaging. Bamboo is being used in almost every place where wood is a primary element.

Many of you who might not have explored Bamboo a lot would question, why choose bamboo over wood? Some of you may also argue that bamboo is not as strong as wood. You know, by just looking at. But, we need to tell you that it is not wise to judge anything by its outlook. Bamboo, unlike wood, has various key USPs that rank it above.

In this descriptive article, we will take a look at some of the best benefits of bamboo over wood!

An Extensive Comparison of Wood and Bamboo!

Bamboo is an exceptional option over wood because of numerous reasons. Here are some of the best ones!


One of the prime reasons to choose bamboo over wood is the weight. The weight of bamboo is way lesser than wood. This makes it easier to transfer and work with. Also, the lighter weight also means that it will put a lesser strain on your floors.


Let’s move on to the next factor, water resistance. Just like wood, bamboo is prone to water damage. But, it is water resistant to some extent. One can easily use bamboo products for a longer time than wood.


The next reason on our list is the price. The price of bamboo furniture is lesser than that of wood. Typically, the price of Bamboo varies from £25 per m² to over £40 per m². On the other hand, good quality wood like solid walnut wood can cost £70 per m².

The overall production cost of bamboo is lesser than wood. So, it makes sense that the final product would be priced lesser. However, there are wood categories that are cheaper than



One difference that you need to understand here is that wood obtained from trees can take 20-25 years to mature completely. On the other hand, bamboo is not a tree but a grass that does not need to be grown like trees. Once bamboo is harnessed from the ground, it automatically grows.

The cool thing about bamboo grass is that it grows swiftly as compared to wood. Bamboo can attain maturity within 5 years. So, it is not just environment-friendly but is also available quickly.

Tensile strength

You might not believe this, but bamboo is three times more powerful than steel in terms of weight-bearing ability. Hence, it has remarkable tensile strength than can easily bypass wood. Not all, but most wood categories like Mahogany are not as strong as bamboo.

Soil protection

A striking feature of bamboo is that it provides better soil protection. Now, some of you may argue that soil protection is also provided by trees. Here is the difference!

If you observe carefully, trees are not that closely planted wherever they are. On the other hand, no matter where bamboo grows, it always grows in more density and closer to each other.

The dense structure of bamboo acts as an ideal shield against soil erosion and flash floods.

Air freshness

Bamboo is full of surprises if you look at it. Not just is it good for protecting the soil and has super strength, but it also ensures that the air quality is good. Again, some may ask, how is it different from other grasses or trees?

Well, scientifically, bamboo grass provides oxygen and releases carbon dioxide 4-5x faster than wood. Hence, ensures better air freshness.


Unlike wood, bamboo is extremely ductile. So, it can be bent without breaking and can be manufactured into different shapes. Also, the manufacturing process of bamboo is easier than wood.

These are some of the reasons that make bamboo a better choice than wood!

Why Bamboo for Beauty and Cosmetics Product Packaging?

Wood cosmetic packaging was pretty popular for a long time before bamboo. A large proportion of people are in favor of using it, but bamboo has replaced wood these days. There are various reasons for using Bamboo for cosmetics.


If you are choosing bamboo packaging for cosmetics, you are making an excellent choice. As most of the packaging today is made from glass and plastic, it may be prone to the danger of breakage or scratches. But, it is not the case with bamboo; one can get a glass or recyclable plastic encased in bamboo and save it from damage.

The super strength of bamboo makes it an ideal material for cosmetic packaging.


There are many cosmetics products that need to be carried along. Hence, the material for packaging should be lightweight. As bamboo is extremely light, it is often used for cosmetic packaging. You can easily carry your bamboo cosmetic packaging without any hassle.

Does not leaches with products

When you use any cosmetic product, there is always a possibility of the packaging leaching with it. This may contaminate the product and may cause skin irritation or other problems. But, with bamboo packaging, you don’t have to worry about it as it does not leach with products.

Grows faster

As we all know, bamboo grows extremely fast (within 5 years as compared to normal wood). So, you don’t have to wait for years to get your hands on it. Also, as bamboo is a renewable resource, you can use it without harming the environment.


Cosmetic products are required to be carried along while traveling. So, the packaging should be such that it can be easily carried in a purse or a bag. Bamboo packagings are extremely portable and can be easily carried anywhere you want.

What type of Bamboo products does ThreeBamboo produce?

At ThreeBamboo, we produce a wide range of bamboo packaging products. We also provide customized packaging solutions to our clients as per their unique requirements. Here are some of the products offered by ThreeBamboo!

  • Bamboo jars such as acrylic jars, glass jars, PP jars, PET jars, etc., all with bamboo lids.
  • Bamboo airless bottle
  • Bamboo tubes like lipstick tubes and lip balm tubes.
  • Bamboo closures like disc caps, droppers, lotion pumps, and spray pumps
  • Bamboo roll-on bottles like 10ml roller bottles, 50 ml roller bottles and more.


Thus, we see that bamboo is an excellent material for cosmetic packaging. As it is eco-friendly, strong, lightweight, and does not leach with products, it is often preferred over other materials. So, if you are looking for eco-friendly and durable cosmetic packaging, then Three Bamboo is the right place for you.

We offer a wide range of bamboo products like roller packaging, bamboo jars, bamboo tubes, etc. We also offer customized solutions to our clients according to their requirements. Contact us now to get the best deals on bamboo products!

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