How to choose a women’s bodysuit, basic rules

What is a women’s bodysuit

For the appearance of this garment, girls can be grateful to the athletes. This fashionable thing today has several purposes. The first option is usually lace underwear. Together with stockings, this is a great way to arrange a romantic date with your loved one. The second variation is the addition of a work dress code. Also, the bodysuit can be considered as a piece of free style or casual. The upper “visible” part can be represented as a golf, T-shirt or blouse. The clasp is located at the bottom in the area of ​​the swimming trunks. In general, it resembles a one-piece swimsuit.

This type of clothing will be a big plus for girls who love low-rise trousers. Usually a beautiful look can be easily ruined by peeking underwear or tights. And too short T-shirts or T-shirts expose the lower back, thereby there is a danger of getting sick. Body in this case solves both of these problems.

How to choose the right bodysuit for girls

It is unfairly believed that only slender girls with the appearance of a model can wear such models. But this is not the case. In fact, you can choose clothes for one piece bodysuit forever 21The first thing to consider is your body type.

Then you need to understand what you are buying: an element of your daily look or underwear. In the first case, it is necessary to rely on tastes and preferences in the wardrobe. Clothing designers offer a variety of models, from a lace-up T-shirt to a blouse. The length of the sleeve depends on the time you wear the bodysuit. This is only important according to the weather. In order for the clothes to fit in style and look beautiful, you need to understand which part of the figure is most beneficial. If the emphasis goes to the waist, then you need a belt or lace additions. When highlighting the bust, choose a bodysuit with a neckline or details at the top of the model.

How to find the right bodysuit size

Body is a thing. which actually combines several elements. This is a bra, tank top and swimming trunks. There are three types of sizing:

  • complete in three parameters;
  • by the volume of the bust;
  • universal or on size.

A complete determination is made based on the following parameters: the volume of the chest, waist and hips. The correspondence of the parameters to the required size is determined from the table provided by the manufacturer.

In the second case, the girth of the chest is taken as a basis. Most often, the label indicates the half-girth of the chest and the size of the bra cup.

But the largest number of models are designed for European sizes from S to XXL. In practice, these are:

  • growth from 1.55 to 1.78 m;
  • weight in the range from 45 to 75 kg;
  • full bust 70-95 cm.

This all-size is achieved through the use of elastane in the fabrics.

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What can be combined with women’s bodysuits

This type of clothing goes well with other types of clothing. Let’s consider which combinations are the most beneficial:

  1. A fitted blouse, which is a bodysuit, well emphasizes all the advantages of the figure. The basic rule is to wear your size. It is an elegant addition to any business suit, especially if it is made in the form of a shirt.
  2. A bodysuit containing a bracing corset will make any figure slim and beautiful.
  3. Bodysuits in the form of a simple solid color golf or top can be complemented with a blazer, jacket or bolero. In any case, the effect will be unique.
  4. Flesh-colored bodysuits are often worn under translucent dresses, blouses or sundresses. In this case, they look more relaxed without vulgarity.
  5. Love experimentation, and the figure will allow you to do it. Wear a bodysuit under shorts or a skirt.

The main thing when choosing is to observe the style and make sure that all the details of the image harmoniously complement each other. If a girl has a beautiful waist, then this can be emphasized with a thin belt. The rest of the accessories are selected depending on the situation.

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