How should I start my preparation for the IAS exam?

Before one starts preparing for the IAS examination, he/she must be sure about the decision because UPSC is one of the toughest exams in India. Cracking UPSC is not a one day or overnight job, it takes effort and hard-work of several months and sometimes years. IAS aspirant must have patience and motivation to keep their morale up during the years of preparation. 

Candidates applying for the UPSC must be patient enough to accept both failure and success gracefully, should be dedicated towards the preparation, and focused. The initial days of preparation seems easy and exciting but as the months pass by, many candidates think that cracking UPSC is not their cup of tea. During these months, an aspirant must believe in himself/herself and keep preparing for the exam. 

Here are some of the tips for beginners about how to prepare for the IAS exam so that they can get the desired result.

Learn everything about the UPSC

Before anything, you must research about the job description, scope, syllabus, exam pattern and other necessary details about the UPSC examination. This must be the initial step. Know about the optional subjects and the three—the Prelims, Mains, and the Personal Interview, rounds of the UPSC exam.

Make sure you are well-aware of the pattern of the UPSC exam before you start preparing for it as your half knowledge about the exam pattern and syllabus can be a big setback for you. 

For beginners, it is suggested that they should join best IAS coaching in Delhi or take help from someone senior who is preparing for the Civil Services exams.  

Make a schedule

After you are done with the basic homework by gathering all information about the UPSC exam the next step is to make a study plan or a routine for yourself. As said earlier, UPSC preparation can not be done overnight, it will take at least a year. So, a study plan is important to divide your time equally between the preparation of different subjects and daily chores.

Study plan is important to make sure your aren’t missing any subject or topic. You also keep making notes while you prepare for the IAS-exam because notes are the real saviour at the time of revision.     

Books and references

Don’t read too many books. Beginners always make this mistake. They think more books means more information and knowledge but they forget that it is also the source of confusion and doubts. 

Two books for each subject is more than enough to crack the UPSC exam. Moreover, aspirants can take the help of the study material provided to them from the IAS coaching in Delhi and avoid buying any additional study material. 

Don’t go for too many books—one side book and NCERT for each subject is enough to clear the UPSC exam.


Why are you preparing for the IAS exam? Why do you want to become an IAS officer? You must clearly know the answer of these questions, not only because they are important for the exam point of view but also for yourself. 

Everyone has an inspiration and a role model who they follow and believe in. Who is yours? You must find the answer because journey from preparation of the UPSC exam to clearing the exam can be short or long depending on your hard work and your moral strength. 

Your desire to crack UPSC shouldn’t fade away with time and for that you must an inspiration, which can be your father, mother, or any public figure who encourages you to keep going and never let you give up. 

To sum up…

UPSC exam is not an easy nut to crack but it does crack in front of the dedicated, focused, and hard working candidates. So, keep trying and never let your dreams go. 

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