How Online Platform is going to change the Gold Jewellery Manufacturers and Retailers

Your landing on this page is a clear indication that you are looking for gold jewellery manufacturers. Amidst the lockdown, you must have been finding it a challenge and struggling to find a reliable gold manufacturer. This is typically true for the jewellery market, as not yet the sector has made much advancement in the digital platform. A B2B online platform like Sarafa Bazar India can become a great choice for gold manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers in tons of ways. 

Having a digital platform for this industry can become a lot beneficial for everyone. Even it is not a one-way growth as everyone will grow at a similar level. Moreover, the outbreak of Covid has made online platforms inevitable for businesses. In such a scenario, if there isn’t any platform to avail of services, it can actually degrade the industry. 

The reason why a B2B online jewellery platform can be beneficial includes: 

It cuts geographical barriers: 

The very first and most significant benefits of having an online B2B platform is that there would be no geographical barriers. Generally, the retailers and wholesalers were able to reach the manufacturer to a certain limitation as after that, it becomes inaccessible to them, but with an online platform, there would be completely no restrictions. 

This means a retailer can find manufacturers and wholesalers from a different part of country. Besides, with the availability of the app, retailers can open the app, look for the designs, and if they like a design, they can simply call the gold jewellery manufacturer irrespective of the location. 

No need to wait for jewellery exhibition: 

Generally, in the jewellery market, the only way to bridge the gap between manufacturers and retailers/wholesalers is through the jewellery exhibition. The manufacturers put their designs on the exhibition where the retailers are invited to check and choose a design so that the manufacturer can get business and retailers can update their designs. This again is limited to geography as not always a retailer from North India will be able to visit Mumbai during an exhibition.

Besides, during such Covid days, no more exhibitions seem a good way. The pandemic has actually expanded the digital platform in a massive way, and in such a scenario, having an app eradicates the need for putting the design in some exhibitions. The online jewellery exhibition can attract retailers and wholesalers more than the physical exhibition. 

Not only is this a big plus point for the manufacturers as they need to pay a handsome amount to the gallery for the exhibition, but also the retailer can check the designs anytime irrespective of the timing.  

Improves your business exposure: 

With the new and innovative minds coming up every single day, more and more manufacturers are coming up with exceptional designs. An online B2B platform can become a lot beneficial as now a gold jewellery manufacturer can showcase their designs just by logging in, and the wholesalers/retailers can check those from any part of the world and at any time. 

It becomes a lot helpful for both the parties to expand their business and get better exposure in the market. 

To conclude, a B2B platform can be a great choice for a gold jewellery manufacturers and retailers/wholesalers. This puts an end to the restrictions that they used to face previously due to lack of resources. Sarafa Bazar India is the name of an online B2B platform where the manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers can register to connect and start expanding their business.