How Much Does It Usually Cost to Drill a Well?

Adding a well to your home or property can be an extremely rewarding project.

Whether you want to save money on the water bill and control your own supply, you have a keen interest in gardening and growing your own produce or you would like to draw in geothermal fluids to heat your home.

But how much does it really cost to drill a well for your property?

Consider This

There are a lot of different factors when it comes to drilling a well on your property. 

Depending on where you live, the condition of the ground, how deep you want/need to drill for water, and more, the well drilling prices can vary from anywhere between $1,500 to $12,000+, and that’s just digging the well itself.

Installing the complete well system can be done as inexpensively as $3,500 or as much as $50,000.

The high price tag shouldn’t put you off though. It is likely worth getting a quote from water well drilling experts to see how much a project might cost and what others have paid locally.

Why Does Water Well Drilling Cost So Much?

To answer this, you need to consider the above-mentioned variables. Digging a hole of about 150 feet or more is a considerable undertaking and it requires many specialist tools.

Whether the ground is soft and easy to work with, or if the terrain has a lot of hard rocks and other materials obstructing the path, it can make the project extremely difficult. 

In addition to that, the hole needs to be carefully treated and special materials installed to ensure the water is of good quality as it comes back out of the well and the hole doesn’t collapse in on itself. The price is also considerably cheaper for most people installing wells for a personal residence.

All that being said, once you do have a well installed, the cost can be recouped in as little as a year.

Well Drilling Services Near You

The next step once you decide to install a well should be finding a trained professional to get it done.

Because of the nature of the job and the tools required, it is extremely rare that this is a project that should be undertaken without professional assistance.

Installing a water well system is complicated and there are many different methods to doing so depending on what you intend to use it for. For example, as you can see here, you may want to install a water pressure tank to your system. Or you could go for a more natural approach, but whichever you choose, there is help available.

Ready to Drill A Well?

If you want to drill a well for your property, there are many things to consider along with the cost, but it can be an excellent addition to your home that can help save on bills in the long run.

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