Bachelor of Pharmacy Salary in Kerala

Nowadays there are various options regarding career, one can choose any field according to his/her interests. There are a lot of undergraduate courses for students these days. The options have increased as compared to the previous generation in terms of studies. Some prefer to study abroad, while some still prefer to complete their graduation in Bombay as one must know that Bombay has been the top city for studies. 

While talking about medical science, it is observed that there are many courses in the field of science with a wide scope even in today’s generation where people still prefer commerce or arts over science. It is said that choosing science as an option for a career is not everyone’s cup of tea but surely for those people who have major interests in medical, engineering, etc.

About B. Pharmacy

As one must have heard about pharmacy, A bachelor’s in pharmacy is an undergraduate course or an academic degree in the field of medical pharmacy. An individual can practice as a Pharmacist or chemist after completing this course. It is observed that in many countries yet it is a prerequisite for registration to practice as a pharmacist as both pharm b and pharm d courses are prerequisites to license. In most western countries they are considered equivalent and foreign graduates with B Pharm and pharmacy practice are just similar to PharmD graduates. The B Pharm holders can work in several fields such as being a pharmacist, doing patient counseling, doing further studies for master’s degrees, or even working as a drug information specialist. 

One must know that the main subjects of B Pharm are as follows:

  • Human anatomy and physiology,
  • Biochemistry
  • Pharmaceutical maths and biostatistics 
  • Pharmaceutical Biotechnology. 

The students can either work in a Pharmaceutical company or can practice as a Pharmacist. In this company, you can work in departments such as control, manufacturing, packaging, marketing production, etc. B Pharmacy can give the students complete clarity regarding medical sciences.

The best colleges for B. Pharmacy

  • University of Oxford
  • Harvard university 
  • University of Toronto

All these colleges allow students to make a flourishing career in the pharmaceutical industry abroad. It is observed that students completing B-Pharmacy courses make an average salary of INR 3-5 LPA. As one must know every city offers a different salary to people for B Pharm. 

B. Pharm salary in Kerala

  1. It is observed that the salary for B Pharm offered in Kerala per month is INR 14332.
  2. The average Govt of Kerala Hospital Pharmacist salary in India is 2.7 Lakhs per year for employees.

Companies for Pharmacists in Kerala

  • Royal Bahrain Hospital -: INR 42481/- pm
  • ESIC -: INR  23117/- pm
  • Alaska-: INR 21345/- pm
  • Claudine Hospital-: INR 21016/- pm 
  • Matrix-: INR 20365 /- pm

Highest paying cities in Kerala for pharmacists

  • Kochi, Kerala: INR  25399/- per month
  • Kottayam, Kerala: INR 20,245 /- pm
  • Ernakulam: INR 17111/- pm
  • Calicut: INR 15906/- pm
  • Malappuram: INR 14914/- pm

Course details

  • The B Pharmacy eligibility criteria are that one should clear 12th boards exams with a 50 %
  • The duration of this B Pharm course is nearly 4 years
  • B Pharm course fees range from INR 15000- 1,2500 per year
  • Top college for B Pharm in India is Bombay college of Pharmacy and Jamia Hamdard University 
  • The top college for B Pharmacy abroad is the University of Oxford
  • Students who have completed B Pharmacy courses make an average salary of INR 3-5 LPA.

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