Extend The Life OF Your Appliances With These 8 Tricks

Purchasing new appliances is not an easy thing to do because these appliances could be too expensive. What everyone needs is a set of tips and tricks that can extend the life of the appliances. If you follow these tricks, such tips and regular maintenance can extend a long, long way.

  • Keep it clean as much as you can.

Keep all your appliances clean and you can extend its lifetime. The big problem is that appliances could get destroyed by grease and dust. This grease, dust, and stains may get into the small ducts of the appliances and may cause it to malfunction. Whatever appliances you use, make sure you wash it or clean it right away after you use it. This includes your TV and computer.

  • Keep Appliances Running Low or at Level Speed

The principle that you should remember here is that the appliances that contain the fastest moving parts can be the first to wear out. For example, you should make sure you don’t always set your washing machine or air conditioner to the maximum. As you increase their rate, you’re increasing their wear and tear as well. Keep machines running smoothly at moderate or slow speeds in order to keep them functioning for a long time. Besides, this article can help you learn how to get rid of a pest that can destroy some of your appliances.

  • Don’t Use Firm Items in Your Food Processor

You use your food processor when blending ingredients, multiplying speeds in the kitchen, and producing perfect smoothies. However, take note that you shouldn’t use firm and hard ingredients in your food processors such as certain nuts, beans, and some hard fruit. These materials can damage your food processor’s blades. The solution is to cut them into smaller pieces or use your food processor only for the softest ingredients.

  • Pre-wash Dirty Dishes Before Placing Them into the Dishwasher

Not all appliances are as useful as your dishwasher. However, if you don’t pre-wash your dirty plates, the dirt can potentially damage your dishwasher in the long run. Sticky food items, as well as oily ones, can speed up the wear and tear of your dishwasher. Your dishwasher can help you save time and avoid the stress of clean-up work after a meal. Thus, never forget to pre-wash greasy and oily plates as much as you can.

  • Fix Broken Appliances Right Away

It may be tempting to leave broken, damaged or partially malfunctioning appliances in their present state. After all, they still function. However, the longer you leave it damaged or broken, the more it gets permanently damaged. Thus, have partly damaged appliances repaired as soon as you can. Here are some tips for some specific appliances.

  • Strange-sounding air conditioners or washing machines need immediate check or repair.
  • Microwave ovens or any appliances that shut down in the middle of work may need repairs.
  • TVs and radios that suddenly turn off may need an instant check-up.
  • A blinking laptop, any frequently overheating equipment, or audio equipment with a squeaky sound may also need some fixes.
  • Clean up appliances infested with ants or bugs. This article may be able to help you. 

As soon as you notice something strange in your appliance, do fixes on it right away. Don’t say you can still use it anyway. The longer you leave it damaged, the worse the damage gets.

  • Keep Your Refrigerator Clean

To keep the fridge happy, you must clean it often. Wipe the inside regularly with a damp cloth while you don’t overstock it. Always check things in your fridge that you might not need any longer. Throw out anything you won’t consume anyway. Also, clean the condenser regularly by wiping the dust and debris off with a cloth. You can also vacuum it all the same, and remember to do this at least twice every year.

  • Defrost Your Freezer Once Every Few Months and Keep it Clean

Unplug your freezer regularly, remove all the food, and let it defrost. You may use a baking soda solution to wipe it down. Do this for older models since new freezers nowadays are frost-free. Your indicator is if the ice inside reaches a thickness of about one-half inch. Also, keep the condenser coils free of leftovers and other debris.

  • Clean Your Dryer or Improve Its Circulation

Clean the vent of the dryer after every load. As long as you do this, your dryer won’t have to work harder than usual when drying your clothes. The result is less wear and tear on its various drying components. Also, improve your dryer’s circulation by cleaning the lint screen regularly. If you don’t do this, you’ll force your dryer vent to remain clogged. Any clog will put pressure on your dryer as it works harder overtime. In fact, your dryer can become a fire hazard in that case.

Appliances last long not because they’re from Japan or the United States. It’s always how you take care of them and how you do a regular maintenance checks on them. Follow all these steps and your appliances will last long for many years.

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