Experience Simpler and Efficient Business Processes with SAP B1 Starter Package

Working on an innovative idea and starting a startup sounds easier than what it actually feels like. Not just there are financial constraints but the resources are limited too. And all the things from finance to sales and CRM are managed manually. The efforts involved are much higher than the value to the business. No that midsize or larger companies don’t put in the efforts as much as the startup and smaller companies, but the difference is in the management of processes and the advanced techniques they use to eliminate the daily mundane tasks.

If you are a small or startup company wasting too much of your time and efforts on daily tasks that could be automated, then this blog is a must read for you. We are going to make you aware of a golden system automation package especially designed to cater your needs. 

SAP Business One Starter Package for Small Businesses

Aiming to fulfill the needs and requirements of the startup and smaller companies, the package includes all the necessary ERP modules from accounting and finance to inventory and procurement control to sales, purchase and CRM. All the basic requirements have been including considering the limited number of resources and financial constraints of smaller businesses. The complete-suit-in-a-box SAP Business One package is available at much reduced price than the professional license of the SAP Business One ERP and can be availed for as minimum as for 1 user to 5 users.

Scale-up your Startup with the Starter Package

The package targets the smaller companies with an aim to grow, and thus, it provides relevant opportunities to grow business and their clientele. 

Also, SAP understands the fact that resources in a startup work longer hours than the medium and larger companies. One reason could be the goal to achieve more in less time, and the other is may be due to the lack of efficient sources and managed processes. SAP Business One starter package thus, gives the leaders of the startup the access to use business information anytime, anywhere on any device. 

The ERP being responsive too enables the users to operate, work on, and share the data on mobile devices too with the same efficiency as on the systems. 

Starter Package Offerings – More than Just the Core Modules

Apart from the core modules already mentioned above – Accounting and finance, Sales and CRM, Supplier and Purchasing management, the starter package has a lot to offer. It also helps you gain visibility and performance with its unique tracking features. With SAP Business One starter package, you can:

  1. Gain greater control over inventory: We know how much value the inventory and raw materials hold especially for a small company which cannot afford to waste it because of over stock situations. Thus, this feature helps you better manage the inventory conditions and prepares the inventory orders for the future deliverables.
  2. Improved traceability in business functions and resources: Not just you can streamline the entire business and the processes but you can also keep a track of the performance of the employees with this feature to better decide on their increments and bonuses.
  3. Reports and analytics: No need to spend more on BI tools as the starter package includes even reporting tools. With multiple visualizations, it can create innovative and presentable reports.

And this is why we call the starter package a suite-in-a-box solution for startups.

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