Dock Construction: How Long Does It Take and How Much Does It Cost?

You dread the work it takes to put your boat in the water again. You want the quality time on the water, but dropping the boat off the ramp keeps you from loading it up in the first place.

A boat dock could put an end to your frustrations.

And to your surprise, dock construction is a much more affordable solution than you may have thought. According to project standards, a dock can cost as little as 3,700 dollars.

Of course, how do you know what goes into a new dock project?

Continue reading for more information on how these prices break down, and when you can expect to get your boat down to your new dock.

How Long Does Dock Construction Take?

There are a few steps to building a new dock. Before construction can take place, You may have to acquire a permit. This can vary by region, so talking with your local dock builders can help you through this step.

If you need a permit, it is important to know that acquiring one can take up to six months. Plan accordingly, because if you’d like to get your boat out in the right season, you’ll want to start applying for your permit in the fall.

After you’ve acquired your permit (if applicable), you can start the construction phase. There are a few aspects that can affect the build time of your new dock:

  • Type of dock
  • Size of dock
  • The complexity of your design
  • Inclement weather

With these in mind, most dock projects will take up to 4-6 weeks. Talk with your dock builder regarding your design to determine an appropriate timeframe that fits your schedule.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Dock?

Consider how your new dock will be used most often. This will help you determine the style and material used, which have the biggest influence on dock cost.

Common docks, such as floating docks, are simple to assemble and affordable to build. However, if you require a marine dock with longevity, you may consider a more complicated build.

The material used also determines the overall cost of building a dock. For reference, wood materials will typically be more affordable, while aluminum and concrete will have longer lifespans associated with higher costs.

On average, most projects report that over half of the cost of dock construction comes from labor. Be sure to talk with your local dock builders to discuss labor costs.

On top of major costs, the price of your new dock will also include additional features. These include ladders, mooring whips, and boat lifts. Some docks even include boathouses, which demand a considerable price.

Keep Getting Your Feet Wet

With the proper knowledge, dock construction is pretty straightforward. Your local dock builders are experienced in working in your area and are a great resource when planning your new dock project.

We hope you get to enjoy your boat this season. For more posts on getting outside, as well as the latest fashion trends and travel opportunities, read more from our Lifestyle category. Utah commercial contractors are experienced professionals with the expertise necessary to help you build the perfect dock for your needs and lifestyle.