Brand Video Production: Top Tips to Tell Your Story

Are you taking your first steps into brand video production? If so, you’re making the right choice for your business. 

Did you know that consumers can retain up to 95% of the information they receive from a video? That means that not only is video marketing a powerful tool but that you should pay close attention to the message you create when creating video content.

How can you tell your story in your brand promo video? What boxes should you check when putting together content that intrigues and informs?

Read on for our top tips to brand video production so that you can make the most of your branded video content.

Tip 1: Know Your Target Audience

First thing’s first: who are you trying to reach? As a business owner, it’s important to understand who is looking for the types of products and services you sell. You can think of your target audience in terms of:

  • basic demographic categories such as gender, race, age, and average income
  • geographical location 
  • marital or parental status
  • general interests or hobbies

There are tons of ways to categorize your target audience. It’s important that you do so before delving into your brand video production. Knowing who you’re trying to reach should inform the stories you tell, the marketing campaigns you run, and where you post your content to reach your audience. 

Tip 2: Know Your Brand’s Voice

The primary purpose of building up a strong arsenal of branding materials is to create awareness, trust, and loyalty. In order to achieve all three of these goals, your branding needs to remain consistent. Your target audience will come to expect a certain aesthetic and tone from your content, and posting something off-key can actually harm your branding campaign.

So, what kind of voice best represents your brand? Do you prefer to keep things breezy and upbeat, calming and reassuring, or serious and professional?

The voice you choose should reflect the needs that you’re fulfilling, so think about what your target audience expects from you when creating your brand’s voice. For example, an athleisure company will thrive with a positive and upbeat voice. A law firm, on the other hand, should cultivate a voice that is both reassuring and serious. 

Tip 3: Tell a Compelling Story

Consumers tend to connect more with the information you give them if that information is emotionally compelling. That’s why we talk about storytelling so frequently in the marketing world. 

When you’re working on branded content video production, you’re telling the story of your brand. Create video content that tells stories about:

  • why the founders of your company were drawn to producing your products or services
  • how your company came to be or continues to thrive
  • how your brand plans to (or continues to) change lives

Remember, these videos aren’t inherently selling products or services. They’re giving viewers a reason to invest in those products or services. The stories you tell should always remain truthful in order to build trust, but they should also be creative.

Tip 4: Include Branding Colors and Logo

While you may be new to the medium of videography, you’re not new to branding, as a whole! Chances are, you already have tons of branding materials that are live online, from your logo to your website and beyond. When you’re creating your branded video content, it’s important to create continuity between your videos and your existing branding materials. 

This isn’t as difficult as it may sound. Take a look at the branding materials you already have. Make sure that you include your logo in your videos but also any colors that you predominantly feature in your social media content, your website, and anywhere else that you feature your brand.

How can you incorporate color into your videos? Use these colors in your backdrops and typography. You can even coordinate the clothing worn in your videos to mesh nicely with your branding materials.

Tip 5: Work With Brand Video Production Professionals

The truth is that working with brand video production professionals is always worth the investment. Videography is a learned skill that encompasses both capturing the right moments and editing them in a compelling way. If you’re worried about having to master all of these skills overnight, don’t worry any longer.

Instead, work with a company like 1 Minute Media. When you have professionally created branded videos, you can feel comfortable using them everywhere from your social media to your website and more. 

Tip 6: Share Your Branded Video Content on Social Media

We just said it and we’ll say it again: share your branded video content on social media! Furthermore, select your social media platforms strategically based on where you can find your target audience.

Sharing videos on social media is the best way to get the most eyes on them. These platforms are designed to make posting and watching videos a seamless experience. Plus, social media makes it easy for interested consumers to share your videos, broadening your reach with minimal effort and at no cost.

Where should you post your content based on your target audience? While Facebook continues to have the most users, it also tends to appeal more to older social media users. If you’re looking to reach teenagers or young adults, you’ll find more success on platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

Tell the Story of Your Brand in an Effective Way With These Tips

Are you ready to spread brand awareness in an effective and memorable way? Use our tips to take your brand video production to the next level. How will you tell the story of your brand?

Brand video production exists in that space where entertainment, technology, and business collide. If you’re looking for more tips and guides to any of these categories, you’ve come to the right place. Take a look around for the content you need to boost your business.