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If you are willing to buy the BMX cycles or want to know the BMX Cycle price in India, you must know that these bikes or cycles do not have a similar standard as that of the mountain bikes and standard road cycles. Even when it is not possible to spot the differences by an untrained observer, a trained biker who is mostly into biking can immediately understand the difference between ordinary bicycles and BMX bikes. 

Most of the differences that you will find will make you understand the reason for being one of the best models for tricks and stunts. Therefore if you are willing to buy this bike and want to know the BMX cycle price, then you first need to check the following reasons that set these bikes different from the others. 

BMX Cycle Price in India

You can easily purchase BMX Cycle in India from Flipkart and Amazon. BMX Cycle price in India starts from Rs 5000 to Rs 60,000. You can also buy BMX cycle offline in Delhi, Kerala, Bangalore and other cities of India from their retailers.

List of Best BMX Cycles India with Price 2022

Mongoose Legion Sidewalk Freestyle BMX Bike

Bike TypeFreeride Bike
Age RangeAdult
Wheel Size26 Inches
Mongoose BMX Bike Price in IndiaINR 59,053.88

Framed Impact 20 BMX Bike

Bike TypeBMX Bike
Age RangeAdult
BrandFramed Bikes
Wheel Size8 Inches
Framed Impact 20 BMX Bike Price in IndiaINR 46,189

Caya Warrior Cycle

Bike TypeRoad Bike
Age RangeAdult
Wheel Size26 Inches
Caya Warrior Cycle Price in IndiaINR 10,998

Freedom Jaguar Fat Bicycle 26T

Bike TypeMountain Bike
Age RangeAdult
Wheel Size26 Inches
Freedom Jaguar Fat Bicycle Price in IndiaINR 17,499

MDS Unlimited CYCLES ROADY 26 inches

Bike TypeFolding Bike
Age RangeKid
Wheel Size26 Inches
MDS Unlimited CYCLES ROADY Price in IndiaINR 15,499

It is very lightweight: 

These BMX bikes are available in a 20 inch long tube that makes their entire fame. If compared to the normal cycles, which are 45 inches you can clearly tell that the BMX cycles are way smaller compared to that of the regular cycles. The shorter tube on its frame makes it the best size as it makes it easy to allow the cyclists to perform stunts and swing the cycle to 360degree without damaging its frame or falling hard. 

Its small frame is highly effective in reducing the bike’s weight and thereby making it a good choice to get the speed even in a short distance. Besides, the material of BMX plays a crucial role in jump execution and showing the tricks. 

Making use of the chrome steel alloy in the body of the cycle makes it gain the feature of becoming extremely lightweight. One of the prime advantages of the material is that not only is it lightweight but it also ensures durability and strength. 

Another most commonly used material in the BMX frame is aluminum which is actually a lot lighter compared to the alloys and which is available in freestyle bikes. This is the reason why you get better speed in these cycles. 

These are durable: 

Not only are these  BMX cycles light in weight but also they have the durability that you are looking for. While you are riding the BMX bikes for tricks and stunts, you can find that these cycles have the ability to withstand the harsh environment but still remain functional. The use of quality material makes them extremely strong yet maintains the lightweight to make them the best choice for the bikers. 

Exceptionally strong wheels: 

The BMX bike wheels are known for their strength and being a lot different from the standard cycles. The difference between them depends on the way they are being used. Since they have smaller wheels with knobby tires, it offers them the support to get better gripping when you start riding off the road. 

When your cycle has the grip, it becomes much easier to start your trail on the different road conditions. The maximum grip does not restrict you from doing anything that you wish to do. Besides, the powerful rims included in its adds to the durability of this cycle. This is the reason why no matter how many bumps there are, this will not feel weak, and you can keep doing your stunts without any fail. 

Not Much use of brakes: 

One of the most unusual aspects of the BMX cycle is that they do not have any brakes. Rather than making use of u shaped brakes, riders can stop using that foot on the rear wheel in order to get the friction required for the brake. In case you are willing to include the regular brakes, it might not work appropriately. 

Bottom Line:

No wonder that BMX cycles have got a huge demand in the market, but before buying, you require to have knowledge about this cycle. You can now get in touch with the nearest provider about the BMX cycle price in India and choose one for you. 

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