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What is yoga? It is best explained at none other Wikipedia. It says – “Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines†In short, yoga is a pleasant blend of all your strengths combined. It lets you empower every inch of your existence. Yoga birthed in India but has traveled across the world to heal and enhance your well-being, leaving its bits everywhere.

In Malibu, Yoga takes the lodge in Malibu Nation. Malibu Nation is the hub of malibuers’ lifestyle. We live life in love, train, and party style and are promoting the same message across the globe with our services. One of the services being the finest and the best yoga training by Malibu Nation. It is a happy-health community driven by the best yoga trainers in Malibu.
You are the Alpha of your physical, mental, and spiritual existence and our services are kneeling before you.

MN Yoga
Malibu Nation brings forth the classic yoga experience with a fuse of Malibu touch. We have whisked Karma yoga and Bhakti yoga for a purpose-fulling yoga experience.

Karma yoga is an art of walking on the right path by devoting yourself to the right actions (dharma-driven). Bhakti yoga is a spiritual dance driven by one’s beliefs (in a personal god). Malibu Nation offers a fruitful blend of Karma and Bhakti yogas to help an individual get in touch with him/herself. We have further improvised this activity with some metabolism-building routines to keep up your physical well being.

Put those muscles to work and give flight to stress with MN yoga. We have lots of insights to light on you for your personal growth. We direct you towards the path that takes you back to yourself. But, with perfection. Do not worry about a thing. You will be under the wings of world-class professionals for personal training in Malibu Nation.

TOGA – Techno Yoga
Toga is another yoga endeavor by Malibu Nation. Such yoga is conducted in a dark room (for personal space) with resonating music to cage-out the tension built inside you.

At Malibu Nation, We craft the best high-intensity fitness routines which immediately target your tension (in body or mind). We help you lose your worries and be free to enjoy the present. Highly-talented DJs are appointed at MN to make energizing techno music. Be free, find companionship, stay healthy, and ENJOY with Techno Yoga at Malibu Nation.

We are graced to have professionals who are providing top-class personal fitness training in Malibu.

What other benefits can you get apart from YOGA itself? Wait, we have more. 

Courses : 

We have tons of fitness courses lined up for you. If you are looking for a specific yoga experience, then our professionals will be happy to make you a personal training course to achieve your desired fitness goals.  Familiarize yourself with our head yoga trainer. 

Events :
BONUS! We organize fun yet health-ensuring events every now and then with pleasing memories to take home. Here, you will be served with nutrient-rich delicious food and beverages. Get happy and healthy with the best yoga trainers in Malibu. Have a look at Malibu Nation Event.

Get in touch with yourself and Malibu Nation, Here and Now.

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