Best Smartphones In The Market

Well, the title did interest you, right? That is the reason you have started reading this article. Another reason may be, you are interested in buying a new mobile and want to get the best information. So, we shall first wish you GOOD LUCK! Please get the mobile as per your dreams and requirement. Instead of beating around the bush, let us focus on the best smartphones in the market. Will we?

It is some time before this model got introduced, and created much pandemonium in the industry. There are still many smartphone models to get introduced in the market, and the brand loyalists are waiting with bated breath. But there is one fact. Every recent model from a brand has got its own set of features. So, you do not have to change the model every time.


There are a few changes that are made to this mobile. You cannot find the headphone jack in the device as in the previous model. The other features are display size, microSD card slot and the capacity of the battery are the differentiators.

The other features 

  • Recent Qualcomm processor
  • Good RAM (8GB)
  • The internal storage process is fast (256 GB)
  • Rear quad camera

The wireless technology of Galaxy Buds is a useful option for the road warriors.


Among the mobile phones mentioned in this article, this model has the best camera. The reason is the 40-megapixel camera and innovative periscope.

This device has a fast processing speed. Reason – it has Kirin 980 processor and 4200 mAh battery. 

This model has another advantage. The flashlight is awesome and you can click clarity images even after dusk. If you are a photographer and has come to a scenic place without a camera, do not worry. This mobile can capture the best photos using a variety of ultrawide angle shots.


When it comes to Apple products, you need to take a deep breath. This brand can push the expense of having a mobile phone to more than thousands of rupees. But the features will be worthy of a treasure. So, when it comes to the new model iPhone XS MAX, it has already got a good rating from the mobile experts.

The features are the Bionic chipset, OLED screen, software for camera and the batter is awesome. The updates happen as per the timings and they are always better when compared to Android phones.

This comes in two types – 64 GB and 512 GB models. So, select the best as per your requirement.


If you want a second-hand model, then go for Samsung Galaxy Note 9. This phone was the talk of the town in the last year. Until the new Note 10 Plus was introduced from the same brand, this mobile was one among the most famous models in town. 

This model was more advanced than the previous one. Shall we look into some features of the device?

  • Bluetooth S Pen
  • RAM (internal capacity)
  • 4000 mAh battery
  • Rear cameras
  • You can hear clear audio
  • Excellent placement when it comes to the fingerprint scanner

The software that is for update enhances your experience as a customer. This phone is a must to have as a first-hand model or even as a second-hand model.


There is another brand which has been welcomed by customers over the past few years. It is the OnePlus brand. The new model, OnePlus 7 Pro, has an excellent design, sheer power and gives a good performance. The price is somewhat lower than the best mobile phones in the market. But the features are almost similar.

It has made use of internal technology (UFS 3.0). Select the model you want to buy. Do you want the model with the RAM (6GB) and storage (128 GB)? Or do you want to opt for RAM (12 GB) and internal storage (256 GB)? 

The frame is made of metal and 3D Gorilla Glass. Other features are

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor
  • AMOLED 6.67-inch display
  • Battery – 4000 mAh

When compared with other models, the model is large. But yes, you can get a food experience.


There are many Android phones which have the best features, but when it comes to updates, they come last. In this category, you cannot beat Google mobile models. Both the mobiles mentioned in the title are different in size, battery capacity but in other actions, they are the same.

Google Pixel 3 XL

  • It has a 6.3-inch size and the display comes to 18:9. 
  • RAM – 4 GB
  • Processor – Snapdragon 845
  • Camera – 12.2 megapixels (single rear)
  • Dust and water resistance available
  • Battery 3430 mAh

Small Model

  • Display – 5.5 inch
  • Battery – 2915 mAh

And the other features are the same as the above model.

You can opt for wireless charging with these models. The most beneficial feature is the camera which has Night Sight mode. 


Although the LG brand name has become synonymous with laptops, it has now been accepted in the mobile market. The set of mobile phones introduced is still excellent. You may remember that Huawei company was the first to introduce the model which had 3 rear cameras. Yet, the LG brand went forward and introduced the five rear camera model. You can find three cameras on the rear side while the two come to the front. 

The one factor which has always made the LG brand stand out from the competition is the second rear camera. With this, you can shoot images of a large-sized room. 

Now let us look at the features. 

  • Headphone jack – 3.5 mm
  • Quad-DAC support
  • Wireless charging
  • Dual front-facing camera
  • Set-up of triple rear camera
  • Rating IP68
  • Micro SD card – this can expand if you need to store more data
  • Battery – 3300 mAh


Nomophobia – have you heard the term? It is the description given by English language experts for fear of being away from the mobile. Mobile has almost become an integral part of your body. The best mobile phones can give excellent competition to laptops. You can even edit google docs to spreadsheets in mobile phones. 

There are some models which work normally even after the warranty period has ended. But you need to give maintenance service for these models. Let us imagine, you have a brand mobile phone. It has given normal service beyond the warranty period. Of late, You notice that the device is not as speedy as it used to be. You do all the required tasks such as clearing off the unwanted videos, images and the likes. Yet, the same problems remain. You feel the necessity of a mobile repair technician. But where will you search for the technician skilled for mobile repair Mumbai? Search in the same mobile for companies offering doorstep home service Mumbai. You can get the details. Hire the best as per your budget and the problem gets fixed.

Do you feel we should add more models in the article? Drop a comment and we will include them in our next article.