Best Bikes to Go On a Long Distance Drive

For a person who loves motorbikes, the two-wheeler comes across as his first love. Riding the bike after a hard day’s work can give many health benefits such as relaxation, brain function and reduces stress. Then, a long-distance drive on the weekend with your bike can give many health benefits. Coupled with the recent advancements in technology, bike riding has become a passion for many who want to have the adrenaline released in their nerves. Are you on the lookout for a bike which can assist in your drive? Then fret not. Here are the details about the best bikes to go on a long-distance drive. Please note, we have not given the prices of the bike because they may vary as per the market trends.

A. Royal Enfield Himalayan

In the 1970s, it was a luxury to own a Royal Enfield bike. And till the present day, the brand has maintained the same value of the bike. The recent model in the market is the Royal Enfield Himalayan. The advantages are a single-cylinder engine (411 cc) and the outputs are 32 Nm/24 bhp. The best feature is the onboard compass. 

The advantage of Royal Enfield is its 15-liter fuel tank along with a dual-channel ABS. So, you can easily move off the road to complete the trip. 

B. Best Bikes to Go On a Long-Distance Drive – Mahindra Mojo

When this model is compared to its counterparts in this article, the vehicle has not obtained many buyers. But ask a long-distance rider and he/she will say it is the best tour motorbike for a decent trip. The cc comes to 295 and the outputs are 27bhp. The torque comes to 30 Nm. The benefits of buying the Mahindra Mojo bike are the Pirelli tires. And they come in two models named as UT and XT. 

C. Best Bikes to Go On a Long-Distance Drive – Yamaha Fazer 250

Did you get a brainwave? If yes, okay you are passionate about bikes. This model gets included among the streetfighter motorcycles released by the brand some time ago. The advantage is its full fairing motorbike and you can easily cruise through the wind at a great speed. Other benefits are the LED headlamp that can give illumination on a dark valley or trip. The single-cylinder bike comes to 249 cc and the outputs when coming to the bhp and Nm are 20.4 and 20 Nm. If you want to ride with convenience, you got your choice.

D. Best Bikes to Go On a Long-Distance Drive – UM Renegade

This bike UM Renegade does not occupy popularity with the freshers, but when it comes to a long-distance trip, you can pick this model. There are two models of this brand. The names are Commando and Sport S. The cc of the bike comes across as 279 whereas the Nm and bhp come across as 23 and 25.4. Among the bikes mentioned in this bike, this model has the best seating position.

E. Hyosung Aquila 250

This model has a double cylinder among the bikes listed in this article. It has a V-Twin engine with 249cc. Peak torque comes to 21.37 Nm and the bhp comes across as 26.21. One of the best bikes for a long ride. 

You are spoilt for choices as there are many bike models with the best features and affordable prices. 

F. Suzuki Gixxer SF 250

The bike may cost you above one lakh rupees, but it has a lot of features. The only disadvantage is a small windscreen that fails to protect you during a strong wind and the tank size is only twelve liters. With a 249 cc engine and bhp (26.5 PS) and torque (22.6 Nm), this is one model you can opt for a long bike ride.

G. Honda CBR250R

This model is quite old but when it comes to the long-distance category, it still can give the competitors a run for the money. It has a 249.6 cc engine with a PS of 26.5. With a full tank of 13 liters, you can easily cross a distance of 100 km in a single day. The old update is that it has dual-channel ABS. The recent update is the addition of LED headlamps that give better illumination. 

H. Bajaj Pulsar AS 150

Since this bike has been designed to perimeter frame, you do not have to worry about control. The mileage is good and you can include this bike as one of the few bikes you can take for a long drive. The reason for Bajaj Pulsar AS 150 achieving popularity is because of its look and chiseled design. One model from the coveted Bajaj brand. It has garnered more than a million sales within a few months of introduction in the market.


Listed are some of the best bikes to go on a long-distance drive. But when it comes to making a long-distance trip with friends or family members on a bike, you need to make proper preparations. You need to pack the essential items and check if the bike is in proper condition. For example, you want to go on a trip from Mumbai to Bangalore with five of your friends. Good Luck! But first, check if the bike is in proper condition. 

And if you are hard-pressed for time, ensure you book the best mechanic for bike servicing in Mumbai. You can hire him via the app of companies offering doorstep services in the city. You can take time to go through the profiles and then make him come to your home to provide the service. 

Has the bike been given maintenance service and is in top condition? Then here’s a toast to your well-planned trip. Good Luck!

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