Benefits of Jute Bags for Branding Post Prime Minister Speech

Jute is a vegetable that can be turned into a strong fiber. A Jute Bag is a bag made out of the hessian cloth that is very tightly woven and firmly sewn so that they may hold weights of the things put in it. The popularity of the jute bag has skyrocketed due to rising concerns about global warming, climate change, plastic pollution that has had devastating effects on the environment, animals of the seas, etc.

“Let’s pick up plastic from our homes, roads, everywhere, and municipal bodies and gram panchayats should make arrangements for collecting it. We will take our first strong step to say goodbye to plastic use this October 2.â€

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said:

There are many benefits of jute bags for branding post-Prime Minister Speech. They are explained below:

Jute Bags are better than Single-Use Plastic Bags:

  • Jute bags are durable.
  • They have a low CO2 footprint.
  • They are compostable and biodegradable.
  • They are extremely firm.
  • They can be reused.
  • Jute Bags can be recycled in easiest ways possible, thus jute bags are eco-friendly.

That is why; Jute Bags are better than single-use plastics.

Jute Bags will effectively lessen the negative impacts of the Plastic Bags.

Plastic bags waste is a non-biodegradable material, which never degrades resulting in the micro-plastics which pollute the environment. These micro-plastics release toxic chemicals in the food chains, which is why plastic waste is a big threat to the health of humans, animals, and marine life. Jute bags will effectively reduce the negative impacts of the plastic bags on the environment.

Your Brand will be known as Eco-Friendly Brand.

Nowadays, eco-friendly attitude is popular in the country. When your brand will be renowned as an eco-friendly product, climate-conscious consumers will choose you over others. Jute bag manufacturers in Delhi like iBags by Imperial can help you going eco-friendly.

Extra Generation of Revenue is made.

If jute bags are chosen, the brand will be marketed automatically by your customers when they reuse it, as Jute bags are reusable and durable. Packaging your product in the promotional bags with logo India is a smart strategy, which will generate extra revenue.

Fulfillment of a National Duty

Prime Minister Modi has called nation for promotion of this cause. He has promised to initiate a mass movement for the cause on 2nd October 2019. He has promised the nation to abandon the single-use plastics by 2022. Abandoning single-plastics does have its ethical and moral aspects, but the most important aspect is national aspect of it. By choosing Jute Bags/Cloth bags over single-use plastic bags, we will be fulfilling a national duty. Thus, our choice of Jute Bags will be the promotion of a National Call by the Prime Minister.


Jute bags are recyclable, reusable and compostable, which makes it an ideal packaging/promotional material. Jute Bag Manufacturers in Delhi can help you design high-quality jute bags packaging for your product.

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