Why should you lock into an attractive FD interest rate now?

The recent uncertain times have taught a lesson to investors from all income groups. Today, the primary concern of any investor is capital preservation. The addition of instruments like FD can generate fixed-income for your portfolio to drive assured returns, and thus, they are considered by many. So, it is essential to lock into higher FD rates today so that you can achieve your long term goals. 

Traditionally, FDs are known to provide massive interest rates. But there is a little thing that makes every investor worry. Since the beginning of 2019, RBI has been cutting repo rates frequently and has come down to 4.4% on March 27, 2020. The reason behind this decline is to motivate liquidity measures from the lenders. RBI further reduced reverse repo rate to 3.75% on April 17, 2020. Now, with the excess liquidity in the market, it is expected that the FD interest rates will get affected significantly. 

Due to the economic slowdown, many businesses have reported that they are unable to meet their growth targets and manufacturing has taken a massive hit. As the revenues of these companies get affected, many companies are forced to reduce the salaries of their employees and make sudden layoffs to reduce costs. Less money in the hands of people results in less spending, and further reduces demand in the market. 

Fortunately, you can avail attractive FD interest rates from the lenders like PNBHousing. So, you should not miss out the chance of protecting your hard-earned savings and getting assured returns on them at a tough time like this. 

Why assured growth is the main focus in investments today?

The Indian market recently became a victim to massive FII sell-offs in March 2020. As the markets lost thousands of crores in investments, it led investors to revisit their portfolio and revise their balance in risk-based and risk-free investments. It is essential to ensure that you will have your finances safe from similar incidents in the future. 

Many banks and NBFCs are facing turmoil due to underreporting of their NPAs. So, make sure that your financer is running low on NPAs and then choose to make your investment. PNB Housing is one of the best performers, and you can simply go with their FD plans to keep your finances safe. 


Looking at the downward trend in RBIs policy to increase liquidity, it is expected that the FD interest rates will go down further from the current rates. So, it is essential to look into high FD rates now. It is evident from the continuous reduction in interest rates that it will be beneficial for individuals to start depositing their money in high paying FDs today. 

So, its high time you revisit your investment portfolio and make sure to include fixed-income assets to have a high level of safety. You can make a smart move by picking up PNBHousing Fixed Deposit Scheme. It will be beneficial for your long term goals and savings. 

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