Are Eyelash Serum Better Than False Eyelashes

Long eyelashes – dream or reality?

Beautiful eyelashes and eyebrows give the planning expressive—their slow growth, hair loss – an actual disaster for ladies. Regularly plucking eyebrows can cause the very fact that the lights become weaker. So instead, apply mascara on the lashes, curl them to weaken the hair.

Nerve feelings, genetic traits, eye damage, diseases can result in the fact that the hairs on the eyebrows and eyelashes become rare, whitish.

Cosmetic products help eliminate the matter. But it would help if you used caution – the cornea is susceptible. In addition, contact with their cosmetic product can cause irreversible changes.

It will help increase the expansion rate and volume of eyelashes “Careprost.” Consumer reviews suggest it means harmless. After contact with the drug within the lining of the attention won’t be damaged. This eyes agent, so there’s no must wash your eyes with water.


“Careprost” is indicated for the treatment of hypotrichosis. The drug eliminates the matter of mass loss of hair. It increases the activity of Frans’ hair follicles and also the number of recent inches.

Thinly weakened lashes become longer and thicker. “Buy Careprost” contributes to the maximum volume. The drug by locking prevents hair loss. Thereby increasing its pomp and length. After three weeks after the beginning of drug use can improve the looks of eyelashes and eyebrows. However, it can’t be used as a carcass “Careprost.” Reviews of doctors warn that the medical product is meant just for the recovery of damaged hair.


Peculiarity, the appearance of itching – an excuse to abandon the utilization of pharmacological agents. Although there are cases where the itching was kept after re-application “Careprost Eyelash Serum.” Also, note the following:

Intraocular pressure – before using the drug, should consult an ophthalmologist.

Contact lenses – they have to be removed before applying the agent.

Pregnancy, breastfeeding – correct information on this issue isn’t, but it shouldn’t take the danger of mother and child health.

Treatment of other eye preparations – if your doctor has prescribed medication, should warn him about using the drugs “Careprost,” find out about the compatibility drugs.

X imioterapiya, ophthalmic diseases, surgeries – during this case to consult a doctor.

It should be known that the drugs are meant for the upper eyelid. Therefore, never use “Careprost” on the underside. This could contribute to increased hair growth in unwanted areas.

You can change the pigmentation of the upper eyelid when using the “Careprost and Bimat” drug (eyelash agent). Reviews it’s reported that the upper epidermis is often painted in brown. This effect will occur over time.

Health when using the drug

To prevent bacterial contamination of the attention, must act entirely following instructions. Don’t reuse the applicator – it’s disposable. Eye Care involves using one applicator per eyelid. It’s also necessary to wash the face of makeup before using “Careprost” to expand eyelashes. Reviews doctor recommends applying the drug on a dry, clean eyelid. Finally, don’t spend your money on eye care strangers.

Clean hands, eyes, disposable applicators – these are the original small print within the substrate of any ophthalmic agents. Failure to follow the hygiene rules is feasible swelling of the century, bacterial infection, burning, and redness of the attention protein.

Search for “Careprost”

Be sure to scrub your face and eyes from makeup and wash before applying the “Careprost” mascara drops. Consumer reviews are reminded that the lens should shoot. Even clean hands shouldn’t touch the open neck of the bottle.

Eyebrows “Careprost” safe.

“Careprost” mascara: consumer reviews

Consumers’ majority of the votes in favor of “Careprost” drop. Positive reviews indicate that the expansion of the eyelashes exceeds all expectations. They grow longer and thicker.

Buyers concentrate on the drug, as only the lash line should be applied “Careprost.” Otherwise, the hair will start to grow within the wrong place.

The regeneration from women relies on the fact that regular use of the drug restores eyebrows and eyelashes. They’re made brighter and more expressive. In some cases, a darkening of the skin ages. But rave reviews (the absence of side effects and long eyelashes) way more.

Negative reviews are that after the drug, eyelashes are identical. That is, only using “Careprost” hair grow, don’t fall. However, within the following month after application, drops of eyelashes fall out and remain “hemp,” which takes a long time to grow back. Therefore, some buyers are advised not to stop using the drug.

There are reviews where the women complained of redness of the eyelids, aversions. But they’re much smaller. Everyone says that the eyebrow “Careprost” fits perfectly.

Pros preparation

  • The product is straightforward and convenient to use.
  • The apparent effect is noticeable after three weeks.
  • Eyelashes get longer, thicker, and thicker.
  • Disclaimer mascara superfluous.
  • The product cannot be washed off.
  • It is not necessary to rinse with water after contact with the eyes.
  • You can use less after reaching the drug effect.
  • Disadvantages of preparation
  • worsen the condition of the lashes after the tip of treatment with the drug.
  • Becomes a lighter vascular net on the white, a part of the attention.
  • The darkening of the iris.
  • The need for long-term regular use.
  • Allergic reactions are possible.
  • The decrease in vision.
  • Bacterial infection of the attention is feasible.
  • Pigment age when using the drug.



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