Android Apps that have Gained Popularity too Quickly

We talk a lot about the common apps available for Android devices which make human life easy. Apps like Vidmate have their own purpose including versatility, that’s why they come on the top very easily because people start to use them at quickly and they get popular. But there are many other applications available on the internet which have made it easy and more entertaining to use smartphones.


The creator of the Stories format is gone for good, but also through dark moments, when it came to an end. However, its popularity among the young community remains intact, guaranteeing loyalty and an excellent user base.

In addition, Snapchat has failed to be at the forefront of devising new filters and masks. In 2019, the filters that children made with us or that an older person did well. Because of this, Snapchat never left the list of downloaded applications and, therefore, has established its name as one of the best apps of the year for smartphones.


Videoconferencing is known to have allowed video conferencing without the need to pay. Microsoft has widely purchased the app in companies for remote team meetings or even for job interviews.

From then on, it adapted to the trends of this decade and could be used in smartphones. Membership was immediate and the messaging app is a strong choice for free meetings and video conferencing.


Just as Netflix has changed the way we consume movies and shows, Tinder has set up dating sites. Leaving aside the extensive personality questionnaires, the relationship app He has discovered that the soul is simpler.

Simply post a few photos, make a significant description and set your gender, length and age preferences. From here, look at the profiles and go left if you don’t like it. If someone has to take advantage of it, just turn right. If the person slipped their profile to the right, they can start talking.

UC Mini

This browser differs from its competitors in a way, its small size, its own engine and the outstanding speed of slow connections. This can be explained by UC Mini app install download using its own data compression mechanism, which is passed to the user through a special server. Therefore, it is an ideal browser for weak devices that work through a mobile network connection. Some people can use this browser to visit websites that are closed in their country.

For those who want to have a universal, fast-running browser but cannot use Chrome due to system requirements, this program can be recommended first. With similar interfaces and functions (actually, ECT connects to its own system extension), then the browser does not need a lot of memory and CPU power, and does not work so fast.


Even with the loss of Pandora Music, Spotify has nothing to complain about, as it’s one of the applications of the decade that spanned the decade of 2010. Helping the way we eat change music and free ourselves from the obligation to download music. Spotify has one of the largest collections of songs and podcasts.

While it also offers the opportunity to listen to this collection for free, eliminate ads and additional features, such as music without borders, it’s pretty convincing when it comes to persuading users to subscribe.

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