A Complete Guide to the Best Online Games for Remote Teams

Working remotely is becoming more and more popular. At the beginning of 2021, about 56% of US workers were working remotely. 

With that in mind, most likely, a lot of people you are working with could be in completely different locations. If you are a manager or a president of a business, you might wonder if this affects team chemistry. 

Well, there are virtual team building activities available, with one of the best options being online games. But, what is best for your team? 

These are some of the best online games for remote teams. 


This allows people’s competitive sides to come out with minimal effort required to participate besides showing up. You can even customize the questions to fit your company, your company’s theme, or your company’s culture. 

Employees that choose to participate can exercise their brain muscles, loosen up with their co-workers in a low-stakes competition, or break up into teams and work on communication with other employees. 

All in all, employees will be laughing with bragging rights by the end of whatever trivia route that you choose to take. 

Ice Breaker Questions

This is good for newer employees and newer teams. It allows for an informal environment where employees can get to know each other more and it offers a chance for employees to reveal aspects of their personalities. 

All this takes is for somebody to organize a video call and encourage employees to show up. It can even make a great exercise to do during training. 

What may start as a push to participate can result in employees talking for hours about their personal lives and making fast friends. 

Mobile Games

Mobile games are a fun way to create a friendly competition among your employees. Most of them revolve around score or practicing a certain skill, so bragging rights can be attained for the employee that cracks that impossible level that everyone else is stressing to try to beat. 

What games do you play? Well, there are thousands of online games available on websites like Gamemine

Some of the best online games from that website include Rope Ninja, Jimbo Jump, Aliens Attack, Spongebob’s Game Frenzy, and more. 

Scavenger Hunts

For people working from home, this is one of the better games that can allow people into their homes virtually. You can create a list of items that your employees have to find, and you can discover interesting items that they have lying around your house to meet the demands of the scavenger hunt. 

A scavenger hunt allows employees to get creative to meet the needs of certain items such as color, certain letters, or a niche. It also allows employees to somewhat show off their office space while being in a friendly competition with other employees while having to think about where random items in their house are placed. 

Discover More Online Games for Remote Teams

Online games for remote teams are one of the best ways to improve employee chemistry and allow employees to have more fun in their remote working environment. If done right, you can see some great productivity returns in the long term. 

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