5 Tips on Creating a Voicemail Greeting for Small Businesses

In many situations, your business’s voicemail greeting is the first impression someone gets. Like most business owners, you want it to count and make a good image for your business.

Because of this, you may need to consider a few things and have a few tips for creating a voicemail greeting for your business.

Keep reading for some tips that can help with this.

1. Don’t Be Like Everyone Else

While on hold music is a great touch, you can’t forget about the words people hear, too.

Chances are you have hard the usual voicemail message, right? It usually follows a general pattern – “Hi, you have reached (company name), please leave a message.â€

Not only is this boring, but it also doesn’t make a memorable impression.

Take time to make your voicemail more interesting by adding unique information to it. This may be a random fact about the business, special promotion, or your mission statement.

If the message isn’t too long, adding this information can create a bigger and more memorable impact on your callers.

It also shows them you pay attention to the details and that you really care. These are all qualities that encourage people to continue doing business with you.

2. Make It Clear Who You Are

Be sure you identify yourself and your business when recording a voicemail greeting.

By doing this, it confirms the caller reached the right number.

Also, it will reduce the total number of waste calls, trivial messages, and hang-ups your business receives.

3. Set Proper Expectations

Be sure you let callers know when they can expect a return call from you. For example, will it be three hours, 24 hours, or do you return calls at a certain time each day?

No matter your policy, make sure you state it in your voicemail message. Also, be sure to follow through with callbacks based on the tips you mentioned in the message.

4. Smile While Recording the Voicemail Greeting

Make sure you sound happy and upbeat while recording the voicemail message. While it may feel odd, smiling while you speak will show cheerfulness in your voice.

Just try it to see for yourself.

5. Avoid Using a Monotone Speaking Voice

You need to make sure your message doesn’t sound like a monotone robot. Even AI assistants like Siri and Alexa use inflection in their voices.

Instead of droning on, try to modulate the pitch of your voice and speech when you record your greeting.

Now You Know What to Do When Creating a Voicemail Greeting

When creating a voicemail greeting, you need to consider more than a few factors. Be sure to keep the tips above in mind to create a quality greeting that will resonate with your callers.

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