5 Reasons Why You Need to Go See an Orthodontist

Why do orthodontists exist? They are experts who study teeth and jaws, which means they know how to help you maintain your smile.

The orthodontist will look at your teeth and decide if there is any work that needs to be done. If so, they will proceed with treatments such as braces or jaw surgery.

These five reasons are why orthodontists are essential for maintaining good oral health!

1. They Give Preventative Treatments

Orthodontists are skilled when it comes to preventative treatments. This means they can help you maintain your teeth.

Two examples of this: Fluoride treatment or sealants protect the tooth enamel from decay caused by acid erosion and cavities. Orthodontists will also use x-rays when looking at a patient’s mouth, so they know exactly what to fix.

Having an expert around who knows how your smile works ensures that nothing goes wrong!

Be sure to schedule your first orthodontist appointment for a checkup.

2. They Can Help You Get Braces

Orthodontists are experts when it comes to teeth and jaws. This means they can help you with orthodontic treatments if needed! Two examples of this are braces or jaw surgery.

Braces straighten out the teeth so that your smile looks great when all done up, while jaw surgery helps correct an overbite or under-bite where the lower and upper jaws don’t meet when biting down on food.

Orthodontists will also use x-rays when looking at a patient’s mouth, so they know exactly what work needs to be done before beginning any procedures.

3. They Can Help You Get Retainers

Orthodontists can also help you when it comes to orthodontic appliances such as retainers. These are used for patients who have finished orthodontic treatment and need a way to keep their teeth in place or fix any remaining problems like overbites!

Retainers come in different shapes and sizes, including invisible aligners that fit easily inside your mouth without anyone else knowing about them!

4. They Can Help You With Dentures and Partials

Orthodontists help with orthopedic dentistry, which means they can provide edentulous (toothless) patients with dentures or partials to look their best.

Dentists who don’t specialize in orthodontics cannot help these types of cases, but orthodontists are experienced when it comes to dental appliances such as this!

Partial plates fit on the roof of your mouth while full dentures replace your entire set of teeth. Both enable you to eat and smile like normal again so that nobody will know about any missing teeth!

5. They’ll Solve Your Sleeping Problems

Lastly, orthodontists can help with sleep apnea. If you snore loudly at night or keep waking up gasping for air because the pillow blocks your mouth, then orthodontists are here to save the day.

This condition causes sufferers to experience severe fatigue during the day due to a lack of oxygen. But orthodontists have devices that will solve this problem without requiring jaw surgery or anything invasive like that. Simply wear these appliances while sleeping, and problems disappear within a few weeks.

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Know When to See an Orthodontist

Now, do you see why orthodontics is essential? Book an orthodontist appointment today so they can give their expert opinion on what needs fixing in your smile before it’s too late. You’ll love that an orthodontist is gentle on your mouth and that they only recommend treatments when needed.

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