5 Easy Ways to Create a Productive Workplace

Have you ever worked in or managed a place where the productivity of the employees around you was noticeably at an all-time low?

There are a variety of factors at play when it comes to workplace productivity, but the biggest is your work environment. Increasing employee productivity might seem like a big challenge, but in reality, making only a few small changes can have a huge impact.

Read on to learn five little changes to make that will create a more productive workplace in no time!

1. Focus On Hiring

If people seem to be unproductive, one potential reason why could be that they simply aren’t a good fit for the company.

If you’re in charge of hiring, carefully examine your recruitment plans and see if tweaking something might lead you to better results. If you can’t make hiring decisions, consider offering some feedback to the decision-makers if possible, and work on being the best employee you possibly can be yourself.

The impact that one person can have on an entire workplace’s productivity shouldn’t be underestimated.

2. Set the Stage

It’s no secret that our environment has a direct impact on workplace productivity. One way to create a productive workplace is to keep your desk and the surrounding areas free of clutter and distraction.

Having less around you to think about will help you to focus on your work better. To take this to the next level, consider adding a few plants to your workspace or office to brighten up the space.

3. Manage Your Systems

The systems that are in place have a large impact as well. Increasing employee productivity might come down to adjusting the systems you have in place, or creating entirely new ones.

One service that can help you to figure out if you need to implement new systems and how to do so is bpi six sigma. It will help you to find inefficiencies, understand why they’re happening and what you can do to change them.

Having effective processes in place will no doubt benefit you, your employees, and your customers. 

4. Focus On Noise

Some people work best with silence, while others do their best work with background noise.

Think about not only how you want the office space to look and feel, but how you want it to sound. Workplace productivity can be impacted by introducing or taking away background noises. 

You might even think about using headphones to cater to each person’s individual wants and needs when it comes to noise.

5. Measure Productivity

No matter how much you change to increase workplace productivity, you will never know if the changes are working if you don’t figure out how to measure productivity in the workplace.

There are several different ways you can go about this such as analyzing the work produced itself, using software to measure results, or taking surveys.

Be sure to stick to whichever way you choose to measure results for a long enough period to track trends over time.

A Productive Workplace

Having a productive workplace can directly impact the quality and quantity of work employees perform. This article outlined a few ways to increase workplace productivity.

Focus on hiring the right people, to begin with, and provide them with an adequate environment to work in. Put systems in place and come up with a way to measure how well the systems are working. Remember that creating a productive workplace doesn’t have to be difficult because small changes add up over time.

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