5 Common Excuses to Not See a Dentist and Why Should Stop Making Them

One-third of people avoid going to the dentist out of fear or anxiety.

It’s a huge number and a very common issue. However, it’s essential you don’t avoid going to the dentist because there are so many worse things that could come from avoiding it.

Here are all of the reasons people may avoid a dentist and why you need to find a way around them.

1. Fear of Pain

Fear of a painful procedure is a huge reason why people stop seeing their family dentist. They may be aware they need work done or simply haven’t seen a dentist in a while and are worried about what may happen when they finally do.

Dental care should never be painful, and you can ask plenty of questions about your procedure beforehand if this is what worries you. You can also choose a dentist who specializes in sedation.

2. Fear of Judgment

Other people avoid going to the dentist before they fear they might be judged for the work they need to be done.

You shouldn’t worry about this. Dentists see lots of mouths every day and it’s their job to correct whatever may be wrong.

What may feel like an embarrassing incident for you is just another Monday for them.

3. Worry About the Cost

The cost of seeing a dentist can be high, especially if you don’t have dental insurance.

Look to see if there are any dentists near you who might be able to offer financing or payment plans.

If you leave the work for too long, it may get worse and end up being more expensive in the long run, so it’s important to make a good effort to find ways around this. It could also end up getting very painful for you!

4. You Don’t Have the Time

You may be busy with work and don’t think you have the time for dental care.

Find a dentist that’s open at a convenient time for you or do your best to take time off work to go. You only need to find that time once every six months!

5. Your Teeth Feel Fine

You might think that you aren’t in pain, so your teeth must be fine — right?

Wrong! Bacteria can build up without you realizing it, even if it isn’t yet causing you a toothache. That’s why it’s important for a professional to go in and take a close look at your teeth to clean anything that’s developing and stop it from turning into something worse.

Seeing a Dentist Is Important

Seeing a dentist is very important, even though you might have every excuse in the world not to. Finding something you can afford, taking the time off work, and finding a way to push through your dental anxiety will prevent you from needing more extensive work later.

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