5 Commercial Business Cleaning Tips for Stress-Free Maintenance

Did you know that the typical office desk has more than ten million germs on it? One of the most common places for viruses and bacteria to spread is at the office.

Whether you own an office building, apartment complex, or mall, you should take measures to keep your building safe. Keeping your commercial building clean can result in fewer sick days and happier customers.

Are you looking for some of the most useful commercial business cleaning tips? If so, keep reading to learn about five cleaning tricks to keep your commercial building clean.

1. Change the Air Filters

If you want to keep your commercial building clean, you need to change the air filters regularly. If you don’t change your air filters, you will have more dust in the building.

Having too much dust can increase allergy and asthma symptoms. On average, you should change your air filters at least every three months. If you own a medical or food facility, you may have to change it more often.

2. Deep Clean the Carpets

When is the last time you had the carpets cleaned in your office or apartment building? If it has been a while, there are sure to be nasty germs, stains, and smells lingering in the carpet.

Because carpets hold so much dust and germs, a dirty carpet can increase allergies and sickness in the office. To prevent people from getting sick, you should hire warehouse cleaning services to clean your carpets on a schedule.

3. Take Out the Trash

If you don’t take out the trash every day, your commercial building will smell bad. It also can attract pests, deter customers, and make your property look dirty.

Whether you own a shopping mall or warehouse, you should hire someone to change the trash at the end of every day. In some cases, the trash may need changing multiple times per day.

4. Keep an Organized Space

Did you know that the average employee gets distracted every three minutes? If you want to keep your space clean and prevent distractions, then you should keep everything organized.

In addition to causing distractions, clutter makes it harder to clean. To keep everything organized, try to prevent clutter, make sure everything has a place, and label storage areas.

5. Dust Everything

Having dust in your commercial building can be a turn-off for your customers and give your employees allergies. To prevent dust mites, you need to create a dusting schedule.

You should try to dust everything in your office at least once per week. This includes filing cabinets, enclosed ceiling fans, and books. If you don’t have the time to dust, consider hiring commercial cleaning services.

Are You Ready to Use These Commercial Business Cleaning Tips?

Keeping your commercial business clean is essential to prevent illness, make a good first impression, and limit employee sick days. If you want to keep your building clean, keep these commercial business cleaning tips in mind.

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