3 Tips for Buying Paintball Equipment

There are plenty of reasons to try paintball. You’ve probably heard many reasons to get out and get hit with a few globs of paint. “It’s fun” and “It’s great exercise” are two primary reasons people love the game.

Before playing, you should know one thing about paintball: you have to purchase the gear yourself. Personal circumstances determine if it’s better to rent or buy paintball equipment. Either way, it’s a necessary expense.

But how should you approach buying paintball equipment? What do you need to know before getting into paintball? Read on, and we’ll tell you more about what type of equipment you’ll need and what you can expect from the game.

Do a Trial Run Before Committing

Paintball isn’t exactly cheap. An adequately performing paintball gun may cost around $100. Higher-end models can be as much as $2000, which is a lot to spend on a sport you may not enjoy.

Renting is the cheaper, more sensible option for newcomers to the game. If you’re just getting into paintball, you can try different types of gear by leasing it. It’s easier to decide what equipment works for you.

You Have to Buy Safety Equipment

There is still other gear to buy once you’ve decided you enjoy paintball enough to purchase your gun. One piece of equipment you can’t go without is eye protection. Wearing eye gear is an important paintball rule.

Paintball masks are rated for safety to help prevent injury and come at various prices. Cheaper mask lenses tend to fog over from exertion. A mask with thermal lenses may cost more, but you’ll have consistently clear vision.

Barrel covers are another type of safety gear. The barrel cover keeps paintballs from launching in case of accidental shootings. An elastic cord holds the cover in place and is required whenever you’re not playing.

Other types of paintball equipment you’ll need are proper clothing and shoes. Getting hit by paintballs hurts, so thick clothing is a must. Water-resistant footwear with ankle support and good grip is also a must.

There Are Different Types of Guns

All paintball guns use gas to propel their ammunition. You can choose between compressed gas or carbon dioxide (CO2). There are two types of firearms; mechanical and electrical.

Mechanized paintball guns shoot via a bolt that pushes the ball into the barrel. The gas expands in the barrel and launches the ball out of the gun. The advantage of automatic guns is they won’t need much maintenance.

It’s relatively easy to replace broken mechanical marker parts. However, automatic guns are that they are slower than electric ones.

Electric (or electro-pneumatic) guns use trigger-activated circuit boards that activate solenoids to launch balls. Electric guns are quieter and faster than mechanical guns.

You can also program your gun to fire differently, like three-round bursts. However, it’s harder to repair an electrical marker. If you want a significant upgrade or repair, it’s best to leave it to a professional.

Looking to Purchase Paintball Equipment?

It’s best to try a few games with rental paintball equipment before buying your own. Paintball rules require that you wear a mask to prevent eye injuries.

Thick clothing and supportive shoes are necessary to avoid injury while playing. Each type of gun has its pros and cons. Automatic guns are easier to maintain but are loud. Electric guns are faster but more difficult to repair.

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