3 Basic Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Storage Containers

Nearly one in five Americans moved in the past year, according to Pew Research. Packing boxes and storage containers are stressful. Choosing storage containers for sale is a great option to make sure your move goes smoothly.

What’s the best process to ensure your belongings don’t become broken in your storage container rental? How do you make sure you can find things when you unpack?

Here are three tips to getting the most out of your storage containers.

1. Storage Containers and Making a Plan

Make a plan before getting your storage container rental. Regardless of the task, making a plan always makes things easier in the end.

Moving is a process, and it can take days, even weeks, to pack. What items can you pack early on? What things can you pack at the last minute?

For many people, clothes, toiletries, and kitchen items are the most important things. Be sure you put essential items in a place where you can find them immediately once you arrive in your new home.

Organize items by room and put labels on everything! When you pack items in your household storage containers, you’ll want to know exactly what’s in each box. It will take you less time once you arrive in your new home finding what you need.

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2. Pack Valuables Carefully

If you’re like many people, you have family heirlooms, framed artwork, and expensive furniture. You don’t want to damage those items after placing them in your storage container rental.

Use bubble wrap and packing tape. Wrapping any furniture in blankets will minimalize scratches and any further damage. Be sure to make sure drawers won’t open either during the moving process.

Don’t be afraid to move anything that is most valuable personally! Your great-grandmother’s china is likely not replaceable, and you may want to pack and move it yourself to avoid storage containers!

You may want to choose plastic bins, which won’t become crushed when packed in your household storage containers. You can easily stack them when packing your storage containers.

3. Secure Your Belongings

Place heavy items on the lower level of the storage containers and put lighter things near the top. Organize boxes as to size and make you secure items with bungee cords that might come loose.

Use bungee cords or rope to secure your large storage containers. When the mover moves the portable storage containers, things could move around inside. You want to make sure things are secure in your large storage containers.

Getting the Most Out of Your Storage Containers

You want to get the most out of your storage containers, so before the moving process begins, be sure to make a plan. You’ll want to pack carefully and secure your belongings. Following these simple steps can make your move less stressful and give you peace of mind.

A storage container rental is a great way to get the moving process going!

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