10 Delectable Desserts to Relish in Winters

Winters are the best time to relish your favorite warm pudding and Indian desserts. What could be even better than enjoying the warm dessert while wrapped in the blanket? With temperature dipping, this is the ideal time to prepare a list of sweets that you want to try this season. Although you love cooking or love to munch on the dessert, you can always enjoy them and all thanks to the online food stores such as Zomato and Swiggy. Here we have curated 10 desserts that you must snuggle within winters.

10 Best Desserts for Winters

1. Gajar ka Halwa

Gajar ka halwa has to be first in our list of delectable desserts to relish in winter. The warm dessert is prepared in every household, and each household has its recipe. There is no comparison of freshly cooked Gajar ka halwa; however, if you find making this dessert a daunting task, you can always browse through the online food store dessert menu and get it soon at your doorstep. Do not forget to check out the latest Swiggy or Zomato offers to save more.

2. Moong Dal Halwa

What to could be more soothing than enjoying a bowl of hot Moong dal ka halwa with our friends and family. Prepared from Moong daal, the recipe of the dessert includes sugar, milk, ghee, dry fruits of your choice Mix all the ingredients generously and stir the halwa until it is prepared. Make sure you do not overheat; otherwise, the color of the dessert won’t appear appealing.

3. Gulab Jamun

A soft Gulab jamun is all you need to make uneasy winters worth. To your surprise, Gulab Jamun was originated from an Arabic dessert called Luqmat-Al-Qadi. The sweet dish is famous in India and surrounding countries like Nepal. These are available in many colors and sizes. You can have it with sugar syrup or without syrup. Gulab jamuns are easy to make and are readily available as well.

4. Shahi Tukda

The royal Indian sweet is a perfect combination of fried bread immersed in the milk and baked subsequently to get a crisp texture. If you want, you can either top the sweet dish with the rabri and your favorite nuts? Whether you are planning to host a party at your house or looking for an easy dessert to prepare, Shahi Tukda is a perfect option to try.

5. Imarti with Rabri

While going through the name of the dessert itself, you must be tempted to try this as soon as you reach at home or have placed your order by now. No dessert can beat freshly prepared imarti with Rabri. The taste is heaven! Well, if you haven’t tried the combination yet, try it now with your friends and family, and you will surely thank us. You can also get your hands on Jalebi and warm milk. This is the must-eat dessert combination in winters.

6. Til Ladoo

If you are looking for a dessert that you can prepare at once and store it for longer, Til ladoo is an ideal option. Til, also known sesame seeds are good for cold weather as it protects your body from and it keeps it warm. Also, it also has jaggery, which is also beneficial for the body. Browse through the easiest til laddu recipe and prepare it by yourself for your friends and family.

7. Gondh ke Ladoo

If you do not find Til ladoo that tempting, Gondh ke ladoo will surely match your taste buds. Apart from the delectable taste it offers, the dessert is also known for its medicinal benefits. Made out of edible gum, wheat flour, melon seeds, sugar, elaichi, and nuts, this is the perfect dessert to relish in winters.

8. Naan-Khatai

The Indian cookie is best for all the seasons. However, it’s best enjoyed in colder months. These are available in different flavors and sizes. You can either have Naan Khatai as a dessert after your meal or bite one or two pieces throughout the day just to relish its unique taste. You can either bake them at home order online.

9. Gajak and Chikki

With the arrival of winters, Gajak and chikki become must-have desserts. Available in a wide range, these are generally made out of peanuts, sesame seeds, and jaggery. The irresistible taste of Gajak will make you eat it more than one piece. Preparing gajak at home could be a tiresome task; you can try Chikki instead as it is easy to make and offer a similar taste.

10. Hot Chocolate Waffle

If you want to try something different this winters, try warm chocolate waffle. It is available in many variations. You can pick the one you like. Waffles are made of butter, flour, brown sugar, milk, and eggs. You can either eat it alone or with different dips to make it even yummier.


The cold chillier days are soon going to arrive. The days could be hard as the temperature dips down, but what makes them worth is a sweet dish, which you can munch on after your meal without worrying about the extra kilo you gain.

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