May 30, 2024
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Working from Home Advice: 10 Tips to Improve Productivity

No matter which industry we talk about, remote work is common everywhere today. Though the hybrid-remote teams offer plenty of benefits, they are still a big management challenge in many companies. 

Working from the confines of our home results in less communication, multiple distractions, and reduced accountability. Therefore, knowing the right ways to improve productivity while working from home is essential to virtual workplace success. 

I will share some useful tips for remote working in this article. These tips will help you if you permanently work from home, doing a freelance part-time job, or working remotely for a day. 

So, let us have a look: 

  1. Set Up a Schedule 

Selecting your working hours at your convenience looks tempting. However, it is the biggest mistake of many remote workers. Just like you work in the office, you should set up the same working schedule. 

This will create your routine and you will feel more accountable for work. Furthermore, it will be easier to communicate with your team as other employees will know your work timings. 

Even if you are setting up another schedule that is different from your usual office timings, make sure to stick to one time instead of changing your work timings every day. Besides this, establish a fixed time for your conference calls, meetings, and emails, so that you are not distracted all the time. 

Setting a schedule lets you get done more work in less time. 

  1. Separate Time for Personal Life 

Working from home doesn’t mean compromising your personal time. Be sure to consider your personal life when you are setting up your work-from-home schedule. Some people take long breaks and have family time during this time. 

In my opinion, it will spoil your productivity. Keep your time separate from work time. Moreover, it will reduce work stress and enhance your mental ability for the next day. You can even use tools to plan out your day. Full Life Planner is a useful tool helping hundreds of remote workers globally. 

  1. Plan the Workflow 

Try to create an outline of your workflow before you start working. It will help you stay on track and accomplish goals easily. I usually plan my workflow at bedtime, so that my mind is ready for the next day. 

Try to keep the following points in mind when planning your workflow: 

  • Try to complete the high-priority tasks first. Your mind will be fresh at the start of the day, and you can easily reduce the work stress in your first half. 
  • Do not compromise on lunch and tea time. 
  • Try gathering the documents/approvals if needed, at the start of the day. 

You can use project management software to manage your workflow as well. Trello, Asana, and codebase are some software that can help you manage your work efficiently.  

  1. Take Regular Breaks 

You cannot be productive unless you take multiple breaks during the workday. Even a five-minute break is enough to refresh your mind. Generally, experts advise taking 2 breaks of 30 minutes each. 

But, make sure to do something helpful in this break time. Things that can refresh your mind and reduce work stress include a short walk, exercise, talking to a friend, eating something healthy, etc. 

However, some people find it difficult to stick to their break time limits. To overcome this problem, you can set up an alarm on your phone. Also, check out a Pomodoro method, which is one of the best productivity timers. 

Being a supervisor of a team that provides digital marketing services, I take three breaks of 20 minutes each. In my first break, I do some plunges, in the second one I enjoy healthy munching and my third break is for chit-chat with my friends. 

  1. Dress Formally 

Sweatpants, t-shirts, and unkempt hair might feel comfortable but it won’t give you a professional feel. Therefore, dress up formally. Yes, try wearing formal clothes, put on some perfume, and give your hair a comb-over. This will give you a feel of sitting in an office. Apart from it, you will get the confidence to interact with co-workers in zoom meetings. 

This tip is especially important for those who find it hard to get remote working motivation. Also, try taking out your outfit at night, just like you plan your workflow. This preparation will make up your mind for the next working day. 

  1. Create a Home Office 

Never make the mistake of working from your bed. Sitting on a messy bed with pillows all around is likely to make you feel dull and sleepy. Instead, dedicate a separate room or portion for your work. In this way, you can tell your mind that it’s time to work. 

Similarly, try to purchase an office desk. This desk is designed in a way that makes typing easier without putting much pressure on your arm muscles. Besides this, keep a comfortable chair with it. You can also put some munching items and stationery on your desk. 

Additionally, try to personalize it as you will be spending a big part of your day here. I keep my exercise tools in my home office room so that I can start exercising before wasting a single minute of break time. 

  1. Stay Away from Distractions

The real purpose of setting up a separate area for remote working is to stay away from distractions. Pets, kids, and other family members can become a big distraction. So, try to keep the door of your home –office closed. Also, create a board showing your work timings. In this way, all family members will know when you will be free. 

  1. Keep Your Home Office Organized 

Unlike your office, you won’t be having the janitorial staff to clean up your space. So, try to clean your office every day. This is the best way to keep your things organized. Messy workspaces are a big hurdle to productivity. Additionally, it becomes a source of frustration. So, try to keep your things organized. Undoubtedly, a clean and tidy workstation works like a productivity booster. 

  1. Tune In to Inspiration 

If you are getting bored of doing repetitive tasks, try tuning in to your favorite music track. Similarly, you can open the windows if you enjoy looking at nature. Furthermore, some remote workers also listen to their favorite podcasts while working. However, others love to work in silence. So, depending on your nature, select your inspiration to increase productivity. 

  1. Stay Connected 

Since you are working from home, you will be missing the water cooler discussions, cafeteria chit-chats, and hanging out with colleagues. Therefore, try to stay connected with your co-workers. Take out time to interact with them. Have virtual hangouts and enjoy a nice time with your team. 

Wrapping It Up 

In short, working from home is a big challenge for first-time remote workers. However, with a few tips, we can increase productivity in no time. To make this happen, follow a work schedule, separate your personal life from work, and making a plan for the next day is important. 

Furthermore, we should never compromise on breaks and always dress up professionally. Staying connected with peers and tuning in something for motivation is mandatory. Lastly, a home office should be free from all distractions. If you follow all these tips, your productivity will surely improve!  

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