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Top 5 Most Popular Coffee Drinks

When life gets hectic, we sometimes need to take a coffee break. This break will assist in helping us recharge while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee.

With thousands of coffee shops available, you will likely be able to obtain your favorite coffee drink when you want, such as the top 5 most popular coffee drinks below.

1. The Café au lait

This French drink remains highly popular and you can easily prepare it with milk that is scalded or steamed and added to a coffee shot. Although this may seem similar to a flat white, the difference is that this involves hot milk as opposed to cold milk with flat white.

You will see many variations all over, so it will be easy for you to be confused about which is a Café au lait and which is an Italian latte.

When you do not want the high caffeine from coffee, then you can opt for decaf coffee beans, especially for espresso. Regardless of whether the beans are decaf or caffeinated, they can both have a great flavor.

The traditional coffee brew is used with a French press. The coffee drink involves equal parts of coffee and hot milk and excludes foam.

2. The Cold Brew

The coffee drink that is cold brewed continues to be a popular drink. This coffee is prepared by having the coffee soaking in water for at least 12 hours. This brewing process also does not require any heat

After the cold brew is complete, it creates a coffee drink that includes a high amount of caffeine that is low in acid and smooth. Serving is either cold or hot and can be with or without milk. It can also be incorporated into many other popular coffee drinks.

You need to remember that cold brew is not the same as an iced coffee drink because iced coffee is brewed in the traditional method and then has ice added to keep it chilled. A cold brew is usually prepared ahead of time in order for you to enjoy your favorite drinks when you desire them.

3. The Frappe

When you go for a frozen coffee drink, it will normally involve one known as a frappe. This could have coffee included or not.

The thing with a frappe is that many varieties exist concerning the frappe and can include fruit or anything that you want it to have. You will normally see them blended and having ice. However, the process may be different depending on the coffee shop you visit.

4. The Cappuccino

When you want a popular coffee drink known worldwide, then a cappuccino is the drink for you. This drink consists of three layers consisting of an espresso shot, milk that is steamed, and milk that is foamed. On top, you can add chocolate and other flavors.

With Italian roots, the cappuccino became highly recognized in the 90s. The cappuccino is popularly drunk with breakfast.

In order to enjoy it the classic way is to have steamed milk poured into it and then a layer of foamed milk. Then, you can add a topping if you like.

In order to ensure that the cappuccino is made perfectly, it is important to have the milk’s texture and temperature perfect. Also, when the foam is added, the taste becomes a velvety-rich flavor. Plus, your coffee maintains its heat with the added foam.

5. The Mocha

This is another popular Italian coffee drink that is a combination of express, chocolate, and milk that is steamed. Many think of the mocha as being a chocolate latte, while others enjoy a whipped topping.

Although the mocha is traditional with regular chocolate, variations often occur with white chocolate. When you are looking for a nice chocolate-flavored coffee drink, then the mocha will be the go-to coffee drink for you.


When you are a coffee lover, you will certainly have many different coffee drink favorites to choose from. The great part is that you are able to add to them if you make them at home or have them customized if you decide to visit a coffee shop.

If you do not have a favorite coffee drink, give one of the above a try today. You may just fall in love.

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