May 30, 2024

Check Out These New Menu Items at Papa Johns!

When looking for food places near me, keep in mind that one place that continuously offers new items is Papa Johns. Some of these newbies are only available for a limited time, while others become permanent fixtures on the menu. Right now, there are two new specials you should try before they are gone. Even better is that they can be delivered right to you, whether you are at home or at work. 

Shaq-a-Roni Pizza

If you are craving pizza and have a large appetite or have friends to share it with, try the Shaq-a-Roni pizza. Shaq has long been associated with Papa Johns, and it occasionally features this pizza, which Shaq created himself.

This extra-large pizza starts with a special Shaq crust and original pizza sauce. It is then topped with extra cheese and extra pepperoni. In fact, the pepperoni covers the entire pizza and reaches to almost the outer edge of the crust.

Not only do you get a delicious pizza when you order this, but you also do a good deed. Between now and the end of the year, $1 will be donated to the Papa Johns Foundation for each Shaq-a-Roni pizza ordered.

Twix Papa Bites

After you finish your pepperoni pizza, you may be ready for dessert. The limited-time Twix Papa Bites are worth a try. They start with the original dough and are combined with pieces of Twix Cookie Bars. After coming out of the oven, they are served with a caramel sauce for dipping. If you are a caramel lover, these bites are for you. 

Do Not Forget Your Menu Favorites

Although you should not miss out on the new items, you still want to order your favorite menu items. If you search for lunch near me, you will be happy to see that Papa Johns still has its popular Papadias.

These sandwiches come in a variety of combinations, and if you have not tried the newer Cool Ranch Papadias, you are missing out. The original flatbread is dusted with bold ranch seasoning, and the inside contains cheese, Doritos Cool Ranch sauce, onions, tomatoes, and your choice of chicken, steak, or beef.

Wings are another menu items that customers cannot get enough of. You can order the traditional wings or the new boneless ones, which are made with all-white chicken. They are available in flavors including BBQ, buffalo, garlic parmesan, hot lemon pepper, and honey chipotle. Each order comes with your choice of dipping sauce.

You cannot order from Papa Johns without adding a side or two. The garlic knots are delicious, as are the garlic parmesan breadsticks. However, cheese lovers get a kick out of the variety of cheesesticks from which to choose. They include:

  • Original
  • Jalapeno
  • Bacon
  • Jalapeno and bacon
  • Green chili
  • Green chili and bacon

There are also savory Papa Bites, such as the chicken parmesan and jalapeno.

When completing your order, make sure you have enough sauces to dip into or just pour on top of your food. There are also beverages to complement your meal.

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