Jolo Chips Price in India | Jolo Chip Challenge

Want to know the Jolo chips price in India read this article to know more about Jolo chips and it’s price in India. The Jolo chips are said to be the spiciest chips in the world that are known for being extremely spicy and hot. The chip originated in Mexico and has been given the tag of being the hottest chip in the world. Since India is known for having some of the most spiciest food, Indians are eager to taste the spice of the Jolo chip. No wonder that Jolo chips will let Indians understand that level of intaking hotness. 

After reading this, you must be thinking that what is it that makes these chips so spicy? Well, then the real reason is that these Jolo chips have some of the hottest spices in it like Canola Oil, Carolina Reaper with Corn, edible Active Charcoal Powder,  Ghost Pepper, Trinidad Scorpion, Jalapeno Spice, Calcium Propionate (E282), Iodized Salt, and Sodium Propionate (E281) which together combines to create a huge flame inside your mouth. 

Jolo chips price in India

The increasing demand and inquisitiveness around the chip are stemmed due to being known as “Hot as Hellâ€! The Jolo chips price in India has been given as Rs. 199. As these are easily available on Amazon and Flipkart and not being expensive, more people are constantly ordering it to taste the real spices. 

Jolo Chip Challenge

This has also resulted in more people taking the Jolo chip challenge and giving the tag of eating the World’s Spiciest chip. This is also another reason why that has resulted in people taking the challenge and testing their level of tolerance and palate. Most of the YouTubers who are into food eating have requested their friends and families to take part in the change and use the hashtag #jolochipchallenge as it is going viral. 

What makes Jolo Chip gain such popularity? 

The next most common reason why the Jolo chip is mostly trending is that it has been packaged in a certain way. Unlike other normal brands that have pretty amazing colors, the Jolo chip has been packaged in a way with a red and black combination with the skull that looks both deadly and mysterious. This is something that gives an impression of eating the forbidden fruit, and subsequently, the inquisitiveness continues. 

The amazing packaging. The mysterious look, the exciting packaging, and the eagerness has made Jolo chips become a current trend among food eating shows. This excitement even leveled up when people were told that the challenge came from the Guinness World record Holders, who had the hottest chili. Tasting these new chips will definitely give you the boost but only when you can survive till the end. 

Want to try the challenge? 

Since Indians have always been influenced by the west, and this is one of those that spread like air in Canada and Mexico, not trying the chips would become a big mistake. The major excitement around the chips comes from the packaging; the adrenaline rush that we all want to get in our boring, monotonous life can be offered by a package of Jolo chips. 

Trying the challenge can be your personal choice but do it only when you are tolerant to hotness. In case you are someone who has never come across chilies, this is definitely not a great idea for you. 

Bottom Line: 

So now that you have got some knowledge about the Jolo chips, you can buy one and take the challenge. A packet of Jolo chips price in India is affordable to try and get an adrenaline rush.

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