June 25, 2024

Is Maple Syrup Healthier for You?

Maple syrup is a favourite natural sweetener claimed to be more nutritious and healthier than sugar. But, it is vital to search for the science behind this reason. This blog will help you understand whether maple syrup is healthier or not. 

Maple syrup is manufactured from sugar maple trees’ circulating fluid or sap. It has been widely consumed for many years in North America. More than 70% of the world’s supply is manufactured in the region of Quebec in Eastern Canada.

The maple syrup is produced in two major steps- 

  1. A hole is created in the maple so its saps are collected into the container. 
  2. The maple sap is boiled until water evaporates and leaves a thick and sugary syrup and then filtered to remove all the impurities. 

The final product of the syrup is used to sweeten different dishes. 

Available in different grades

Different grades of maple syrup are described by color, but the difference can vary between the countries. 

In America, maple syrup is categorized as Grade A or B, where Grade A is also divided into three groups such as light amber, medium amber and dark amber. Grade B is the darkest among the available syrup. 

This darker syrup is manufactured from the sap that is collected later in the harvest season. It has the stronger maple flavour which is usually utilized for baking, the lighter one is drizzled directly on the top of food like pancakes. 

If you are purchasing maple syrup, make sure to read the food label carefully. It helps you to get the real maple syrup, not the maple-flavoured syrup that can be high in refined sugar and high fructose.

Has many antioxidants

Free radicals cause various oxidative damages which are believed to be among the means behind the sign of aging and various diseases. 

Antioxidants can balance the free radicals and even decrease oxidative damages that reduce the risk of diseases. 

Research shows that maple syrup has a rich source of antioxidants. The study found that more than 20 different antioxidants are found in maple syrup.

Grade B darker syrup supplies more beneficial antioxidants as compared to lighter ones. 

However, the total antioxidant content is still low compared to the large amounts of sugar.

According to one research, switching from refined sugar to an alternative sweetener like maple syrup would enhance your daily intake of antioxidants by the same amount as eating one serving of nuts or berries. 

If you want to lose weight or enhance your metabolic health, you should better skip sweeteners instead of choosing maple syrup. 

Is honey or maple syrup healthier? Real Maple Syrup has more calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, and potassium than honey. All these minerals perform great functions for the body like cell formation, maintaining red blood cells, and immune support. Honey and maple syrup offer benefits in terms of minerals & vitamins and provide protective antioxidant activity. 

Present other vital components

Many beneficial substances are present in maple syrups. Some of these components are not observed in maple syrup. But formed when the sap is boiled to make a syrup. One of them is quebecol which is named after maple producing province of Quebec. The active ingredient in maple syrup has been shown to decrease the growth of cancer cells and may decrease the breakdown of carbohydrates in the digestive tract. 

If you want to decrease the calorie intake and keep the sugar content low or maintain a stable energy level then maple syrup is the suitable choice for you. Hence the use of maple syrup is common and is included in various meals. So, it can be considered the prime ingredient in different food items. 

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