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Top 5 Helmets For Scooter Riding

Safety is always the best way to reduce the chances of becoming a victim of an accident. Whether it is for recreational activities or for genuine reasons, wearing a quality helmet is always a good choice as it makes sure that your head is sage and can prevent any type of danger. In case of an accident, helmets can easily absorb the impact and make sure that your brain and head stays unaffected. 

Thus, whether it is for you or your kids, you have to make sure that they are wearing the helmets for safety reasons. Every type that you choose has its own specialty, and hence you have to be very vigilant before you choose. Making sure about the specification proffered by the helmets make it a better choice. So if you are new to buying scooter helmets, then this is something that you find helpful. 

What kind of activities require wearing a helmet? 

There is no doubt that you are here because you want some information about the scooter helmets, but before we move ahead to finding the top helmets for scooter available in the market, we will initially find out the activities that require wearing a good helmet. 

  • Motorcycling
  • Baseball, T-ball, and softball
  • Powered Scooter, Motorized bicycling, and moped riding
  • Kick scooter riding

So without any further, let us find out the top helmets for scooter available for you in the market. We are offering the guide both for the new riders along with for experienced riders to ease the buying process. 

Top 5 Scooter Helmets for Riding: 

1. OutdoorMaster Skateboard Cycling Helmet:

This is the first one on our list as this helmet has designs that help you to wear and play any kind of sports that has inline skating, scooter and MTB. That has the external ABS shell and EPS core for internal convenience. This has been created especially to improve longevity and security. Besides, it contains an internal lining that suits well for a range of head dimensions. You can clean it easily after a long day. 

You will find dual adjustment settings to ensure proper fit. The properly attached strips ensure that it stays in place for the entire day. Since many people are allergic to bad products, these are created in a way that it suits the skin type without being allergic to it. With the range of features that it offers, this has been considered one of the prime selling helps in today’s market. 


  • The quality of the helmet is great
  • With comes with a washable lining
  • Offer dual customization
  • You can get comfortable with the additional lining


  • This can be a bit heavier on the head

2. Vega Helmets Half Size Warrior Motorcycle Helmet: 


This is the next amazing helmet that has been included in the collection that ensures a comfortable fit. With some of the great features and with a comfortable fit, it can offer proper safety to your head. This is the helmet that has met the safety regulation. The EPS liner included in the helmet offers a thick density which provides improved protection against any impact. You will also find a reinforced table that gives it more place to secure it rather than the chin strap buckle. 

You will be provided with a dial-in front of the helmet, which allows you to adjust as per the size of your head. Besides, the quick release strap makes sure that you are safe. In order to make sure that you are not damaged from the UV rays of the sun, it has been designed accordingly. The dial system is an innovative solution that fits on any head size; The dry wick liner makes it breathable and water-resistant. 


  • You get a wide choice to adjust the size
  • It is a lightweight design
  • You can get six different size
  • You will find the EPS foam liner
  • The easy release is simply great


  • Not offer complete protection
  • This is not a good choice for beginners

3. Hjc Helmets Hj20M Pinlock Shield Gold


This is again one of the most amazing scooter helmets that you can find in the market. Even when there are endless features included in this helmet that makes it worthy of the price, the retractable sun visor is something that makes the helmet worth the price and fame. This is a lightweight helmet that makes use of CAD technology and is highly comfortable on your head. The stable shell of this helmet is made by making use of the advanced polycarbonate materials. 

When you are making use of this helmet, its lightweight nature won’t make you feel tired. The durable face shield does not become an obstacle in the vision. It has also been included with the anti-scratch and anti-fog substances, which offer 95% UV ray protection. This helmet ensures that you get the best view. Even the ventilation has been properly taken care of with vents present on the head top keeping your head airy and does not feel stuck. The perfectly designed interior could get any better. This is definitely a great choice for everyday wear. 


  • It comes with a comfortable fit 
  • The anti-fog shoer is definitely the best 
  • The CAD moisture-wicking facebook offers comfort even on the hottest days 
  • It has the 3D design 
  • It ensures blocking 95% of the UV rays


  • The size of the helmets are small than usual helmets
  • The extra ventilation results in causing some noise 

4. Bell Pit Boss:

This is another amazing product that has taken notice of many due to the range of features included in it. The ultralight Trimatric construction is the edge of the gear. There is no doubt that the fame it holds comes from the lightweight features, which are still in the stringent DOT standard. One of the most outstanding features that make this an amazing choice for the daily riders is the speed dial that ensures adjustable fit. 

Wearing this helmet would offer an unmatched comfort level to the users, along with making it easy to lift off the head portion while in need. In simple words, you will no longer face the hazard of taking off the entire thing as this helmet has been featured with an easy lift. Apart from this, the removable neck curtain along with the drop-down shield present in it ensures a convenient, safe and easy ride. This helmet is highly comfortable and ensures a proper fit on the head. 


  • It has the Ultralight trimetric construction, which makes it count among the light and comfortable scooter helmets
  • The Speed dial-adjustable system included in it ensure the best choice
  • It provides complete protection of your head 


  • You might not find it stylish 
  • The shield can sometimes become an obstruction in the view

5. GoMechanic – Instinct Series- Armor, Open Face ABS Helmet with Clear Visor Motorbike Helmet: 


This is an open-face design that can be a good choice to prevent head damage during any collision. The amazing design has the ability to cradle your head and is strongly created for the sole purpose of preventing skill damages. The thermoplastic alloy used on the helmet ensures lightweight and offers a long-lasting shelf life. All of the characteristics are created to make sure that you are able to acquire a good quality helmet at this price. 

The internal layer of the helmet has been made in a way to offer maximum security to your head. The properly cushioned and super thick layer inside it offers a safe, foamy and breathable feature to it. The most amazing thing about it is that it has been approved by DOT, which shows that it is a great choice to protect your head against any influence. 


  • Manufactured using the durable thermoplastic alloy 
  • It comes with the removable layer
  • It has the scratch-resistant finish


  • It will not cover the entire face

Is It fine to get a helmet that helps me to listen to music? 

This is one of the major concerns of people, especially for the people who commute to the office and would like to keep themselves entertained going through the same roads every day. With the many Bluetooth enabled helmets available in the market, it has not only helped the riders to listen to songs, but they can take calls in a much simpler way. 

You can definitely choose a Bluetooth enabled helmet if you are the one who gets calls from the office every 5 mins of interval. This way, you will also be able to play some music, give commands on your phone and do a multitude of things. However, you have to make sure about the features included in these helmets before you buy, as they come with hefty price tags. 

Summing Up: 

There is a range of helmet for scooter types available in the market which you can choose as per your needs, budget and activities. These are the top 5 Scooter Helmets that we have listed that have some of the top-notch features and have been equipped with a multitude of technologies. Since companies keep offering advanced technologies, you can choose to enjoy the best from your investment as per your requirements. 

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