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Alloy wheels vs Spoke wheels – Which is Better?

When you purchase a bike, you usually look at the model, color, mileage, etc. Do you take into consideration the type of wheels the bike comes with? This might not be obvious but the wheels are a very significant part of a bike and they should be one of the keys deciding factors in choosing a bike.

But how do you decide between the different types of wheels? Before we get into the differing features, let’s look at the two primary types of wheels – Alloy and Spoke. 

Alloy Wheels – They are the modern spin on ordinary wheels. They are made from metal alloys of aluminum or magnesium. This contributes to the light weightedness of alloy wheels. 

Spoke Wheels – Spoke is the part of the wheel that connects the hub (the centre portion) to the rim (the outer portion) of the wheel. The rim is not airtight because of the holes poked into it with the spokes. Due to this, the wheels have to have an airtight tube fitted inside the rim. This makes them heavier as compared to an alloy wheel. 

Now that you know a bit about each type of wheel, let’s understand the differences between them and which wheel will be better suited for you. 


The process of making these wheels is very different. 

Spoke wheels are made up of individual parts (hub, spoke, nipple, tube and rim) and they have to be assembled by hand. Alloy wheels are made up of a single portion. They can easily be manufactured using machines. 


A spoke wheel is assembled so if one part of it breaks, only that part needs to be replaced or fixed. Whereas an alloy wheel is one unit. So, if anything happens to an alloy wheel, the entire wheel needs to be replaced. This makes it slightly more expensive to maintain an alloy wheel. 

But this expense can be justified by the convenience that comes with it. Alloy wheels come with tubeless tyres and this is a big advantage they have over spoke wheels. This is what makes them lightweight and this affects fuel consumption, which we will discuss later in the blog. 


Alloy wheels are the ideal choice for a variety of use cases. From the daily commute bike to a race bike that runs on high horsepower, alloy wheels are the right choice. 

On the other hand, spoke wheels can sustain rough usage. They are much more flexible in nature because of the transfer of force when the wheel hits the terrain. Spoke wheels are the ideal choice for dirt bikes while going on off roading adventures.

Fuel Consumption

If you’re using the bike for daily commute and on Indian roads, you have to factor in fuel consumption. Alloy wheels are lightweight in nature and thus help reduce the fuel consumption. 

Which of the two types of wheels is better depends on the above factors. Alloy wheels and spoke wheels have their pros and cons. And no matter which bike you end up purchasing, it’s important to pick the correct insurance policy for your bike. Choose the best insurance policy for your bike from Chola MS General Insurance which provides 24/7 hassle-free service.

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