3 Reasons Why You Should Subscribe to a Car

A car is not only a depreciating asset, but it is also an expensive asset. An average Indian saves for years to be able to buy their first car. To be able to drive your own car is a dream come true. But what if you were to know that you don’t have to spend lakhs to drive your favourite car? Instead, you can pay a nominal monthly fee and subscribe to a car. In an automotive subscription, the car is yours for the period you want to. Whether you want to have the car for a year, or two years, or three years, and return it when you want, you can do this by subscribing to a car. However, the big question remains, why should you subscribe to a car instead of buying it? Is subscribing a better option than buying? None of these options is better or worse than the other one. What you should opt for depends on your requirements. To explain this better, here are 3 reasons why you should subscribe to a car:

  1. You Move Cities Regularly

Several jobs require individuals to travel to different cities frequently. Different projects take them to different cities every few months. Neither does it make sense to buy a new car, nor to take a cab or travel by public transport every day. With this last case, manoeuvring through public vehicles in a new city can be time-consuming and exhausting. You will never be able to reach anywhere in time. Instead, what you would need is a vehicle that you can drive anywhere in the city for personal as well as professional reasons. The best option you have in a case like this is to subscribe to a car. Google “subscription cars near me†and find the best car subscription company. Subscribe to the car of your choice for the months you are in the city. Regardless of which corner of the city your project will demand of you to travel, you will have a car with you to take you anywhere.

  • You Love Driving New Cars

The thrill of driving a new car is unmatched. One of the problems every car owner faces is that after a few years, the car’s peak performance starts declining and you never experience the same thrill of driving the car as you used to. This is the journey of every car: after a few years, driving is no longer a thrill. But if you are a person who enjoys driving and loves to experience the thrill associated with it, then the subscription model of cars is for you. In this model, you can subscribe to a car during its prime years, return it, and subscribe to a new one. This way, you will always experience the thrill of driving a new car.

  • You Don’t Want to Get into Hassles of Selling

One of the key problems every car owner faces is of selling it. A car is a depreciating asset, which means its value decreases over time. After its prime years are in the past and the car frequently requires service and repair, it becomes difficult to sell it. Every person who buys a car does it for driving it. If the car frequently requires repair work, it’s only an added expense for the owner. No one wants their car to be a burden on their pocket. But it also doesn’t make sense to sell during its prime years. Now you are in a conundrum of when you should sell the car and how. With a subscription model, you don’t have to worry about that. The onus of selling the car is on the company offering it for the subscription. You drive the car in its prime years and return it.

Car subscription models are becoming more popular with each passing day. For those who could not own a car or don’t want to commit to a car for a long period, this is a viable option for them. Now you know 3 reasons why you should subscribe to a car.


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