July 14, 2024

Getting your Tickets Online: The First Step to your Journey

In the wake of ongoing digitalisation, several processes went online in India! Indeed, Indian railways could not hold back in this transition. Amidst all the digital resolution- the panel happened, and things went way around. Perhaps, that is the primary driver of the processes we are following today. Everything is digital! So, even if you have a travel plan for three months later, you know you will have to book tickets online, and probably you might be seeking it right now! Furthermore, the process has been simplified by the applications and websites.

And it is a good idea to book train tickets in advance for many apparent reasons. Availability of seats is just one benefit of prior booking. There are many on the list.

Let’s look at some of the best reasons to book tickets via online portals:

Train route and timings:

Do you remember when our elders used to look for recommendations from friends and relatives to know about the correct route and train? The planning of any journey would start here only. Alternatively, they would have to run to the stations and wait in the queues after getting detailed information.

But now things have changed for good! The IRCTC enabled portals to give you every single detail in a precise manner. So, half the work is done here! All we need to do is- download an app and explore numerous direct trains, connecting trains, layovers, and timings.

Guide to Availability Status:

Some railway-related jargon is challenging to be understood by commoners. But they are equally essential to book train tickets. Either the railway officials know them or the frequent travellers. So, if you are also confused about CNF and PNR, dont worry anymore! The apps and guides will help you sail through. The availability status guide will assist you in becoming acquainted with all of the status confirmation terminology used on the railway ticket purchasing platform.

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Easy to get PNR Confirmation:

In the journey of ticket bookings, the most anxious part is to know about the confirmation. With this, another important consideration is whether or not you should reserve a waitlisted ticket? With a Confirmation Prediction tool, you can now predict the likelihood that a ticket is confirmed. Although this feature is not available with all the applications and portals, you can have it in many of them for sure! So, go ahead and book your tickets with confidence.

Choose your seats with all ease:

Some love window seats, while some oppose the lower berths, but railways give you an option to choose your preferred seat if there is availability! What could be better than sitting on your preferred chair and enjoying the best views of nature? Your journey gets more lovely with it.

This feature of choosing seats has got some brownie points for sure!

Guaranteed Seat Assistance:

Seat availability is a significant consideration for many travellers. Some routes and trains are so heavily populated that it is tough to find a spot for yourself. Even if you book train ticketsahead of time, it becomes dicey on getting a slot! 

Here is a resort- If train tickets are unavailable, there is a feature in online portals that suggests route choices or the next best alternative boost your chances of acquiring a confirmed ticket. Even if you dont get the train you want- you still have options! So that is quite an assurance of reaching to your destination on time.

Neighbouring stations:

When searching for a particular station, look for nearby stations. If you are someone new on a route, you might certainly not know the nearby stations. Even if you dont get on to the exact station, you can find alternatives with some neighbouring stations. Some applications will automatically suggest you make a better movie. Overall, this aids in better travel planning and increases the likelihood of getting a ticket confirmation.

Train delay history:

How good would it be if you knew in advance that your train arrived at the desired time or not? There is a tool that displays the historical and average delay of a train that you are looking for. If a train has a consistent history of getting delayed, it is better to look for an alternative. A train delay can cause you to alter the overall journey! So, it’s a good move to check this element before you book train tickets.

Quick Book:

Do you take the same train regularly? You no longer need to look for the train or fill out traveller information. All you have to do is mark the route or train as the favourite, and then the next time you book tickets for the same train, you may bypass all the lengthy procedures. Alternatively, if you do it offline, there is no escape to formalities!

PNR status check:

If you are unsure about the status of your ticket confirmation, then a PNR status check is the thing for you. All you have to do is enter your PNR in the required area, and you’ll be able to check your status in seconds!

Those were some of the best and supportive reasons to book train tickets online. If you have still been pondering about the ways- you have multiple! On the play store of your android and iOS, you will find numerous alternatives for train booking platforms.

Every new entry attempting to grab that specific market sector when a new business model succeeds in India is tweaked. And this is a similar case with online ticket bookings too. IRCTC started with online ticket bookings, and now multiple private sector entrants are offering better features and comprehensive services.

The introduction of private platforms for railway ticket purchase has drawn many participants from across India. Even the remotest areas of our country have access to online platforms.

There are no more queues on ticket booking counters at the stations- and this is enough a sign of digital revolution. With improved features and better services, it takes no time to book train tickets. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your journey now! Online platforms will surely make a way out for you!

Aditya Shahi

Aditya Shahi is a BSc Agriculture student and an avid blogger, passionate about sharing his knowledge and experiences with his readers.