July 23, 2024

Top 4 FAQs About Explainer Video Maker Software Every Entrepreneur Must Know

Hey, do you know that those days are long gone when business owners used to “adopt” offline marketing methods to promote their products or services? These days the craze all around is for online marketing. And do you know the reason behind this? If not, we must inform you that online marketing is much more effective than its offline counterparts due to the scope it offers. Take, for instance, billboard ads. If you put up the advertisement of your inventory or commodity on the hoarding of a highway, how will you know whether each viewer who peeked at it will be a part of your target audience group? There is no way to measure that! Right? But the beauty of digital marketing is such you can measure everything about your content marketing or video marketing efforts through various tools or resources available online. Now the question comes how to create highly engaging and appealing explainer videos for your target group? Well, that’s where excellent Explainer Video Maker Software comes in. 

“Now,” before you ask what Explainer Video Maker Software is, we must tell you it is one of the best tools you need to create branded animated explainer tapes that will improve your video marketing strategy. 

Ok, now that you got the context of this write-up, it’s time to dive deep into details, like:

What is an Explainer Video?

If you focus on its name itself, we think you will get the clarity. However, suppose you still need some more information. In that case, we must share that explainer video is an informative videotape that describes something about your brand, product, or processes to your target audience. Thus, some of its common examples could be:

1. How does your product or inventory operate?

2. How do your services benefit consumers? or

3. How to resolve “certain” issues step-by-step?

Besides this, what you need to memorize straight away is that the explainer videos don’t include a sales pitch; instead, they inform and inspire the viewers about a specific thing. 

But do you know what a unique trait of the animated explainer videotape is? Well, it offers more value to the watchers than a static slideshow. Thus, if you consider inserting some “animated characters, scenes, or voiceovers” in your explainer videos, it will “definitely” add extra value to your visuals and make them more “interesting” for your viewers. 

Are explainer videos “effective?”

Of course, Yes. The high-quality animated explainer videos are very effective when it “comes” to influence a “large” number of people at the “same time.” However, to ensure that you need to make sure your visuals are:

1. Easy to follow 

2. Pleasing to the eye, and 

3. Not confusing 

Remember, your newly-made videos from the top-tier Explainer Video Maker Software can easily fall into a type of “Death by PowerPoint” category if you fail to balance it visually or make its storyline easy to follow.

In “case” you don’t know what that term means, we must make it clear that “Death by PowerPoint” refers to a common phenomenon resulting from poor use of any presentation software. And a few key contributors to this issue are:

1. Confusing graphics 

2. Slides containing too much text, and

3. Presentation by reading out all slides loud 

And please note here an instrumental thing that if you want to create a highly compelling explainer video, then you need to invite the viewer to find out more about the topic being discussed by linking to a:

1. Relevant landing page 

2. Social media channel, or

3. Other “top of the funnel” content 

What makes a good explainer video?

Just to let you know, an explainer video can be good only if it ticks all the right boxes listed below, such as:

1. Great use of storytelling techniques

2. A clear start, middle, and end

3. Visually balanced scenes that are meaningful

4. Adequate audio (background music should not overpower the voiceover)

5. Flowing animations that make sense

6. Draw online user’s attention fast and keeps them reeled in the tape

How long should an explainer video be?

Well, your potential explainer video should not be very long as the experts suggest the best length of animated explainer videotapes is between 60 and 90 seconds. 

Finally, it’s time to come to:

The concluding notes

Hopefully, you learned scores of things through this text stack, including four frequently asked questions about Explainer Video Maker Software. So, if you liked this text piece and want to know how much this application will cost your business, we suggest connecting to a highly praised explainer video software maker in the USA.

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