Top 10 Network Marketing Companies in India

What is Network Marketing?

Network marketing ( Multi-level marketing or MLM) is a type of direct selling in which a company distributes products through a network of sellers. It uses independent distributors, also called direct salespeople. 

What is the Business Model of Network Marketing Companies?

Network marketing is a business model that depends primarily on commissions for the sale of products or services.

A company compensates the sales force for each product sold and recruits individuals or “downlines” who also recruit additional salespeople below them.

Network marketing companies may have hundreds or thousands of employees who sell products such as cosmetics, diet pills, food, coffee, vitamins, supplements, clothes, and appliances.

Here’s a list of the top 10 network marketing companies in India 2021

1. Safe shop 

It is India’s No.1 network marketing company which is starts on 14th December 2000. Tarun Jangid is the founder of this company.

You do not need any type of investment to become a member of this company because membership of a safe shop is free of cost. In starting, the money which you give to this will be refunded as a product.

Major fields of safe shop



3.Fashion & beauty


2. Amway

It is the second-best network marketing company on this is an American multi-level marketing (MLM) company that is famous for beauty, health care, and home care products.

Amway was founded in 1956 by jay Vay Andel and Richard Devos. In 2019, It Generates a revenue of US$8.4 billion.

Amway provides an opportunity for training so that beginner distributors grow their business. It provides high-income-generating opportunities to over 650,000 active Amway business owners.

Major fields of Amway




4.Personal Care

5.Home Care 

3. Vestige

Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd is started in 2004, It is a direct selling company and famous for health and personal care products. it is a consistently growing company every year.

Major fields of Vestige

1.Beauty & health care

2.Oral care



5.Personal care


It is an American Pvt. Ltd multi-level marketing (MLM) company and it is founded in 1978 by Rex Maughan. According to Wikipedia, it generates a $3.8B revenue in 2018.

Forever company is the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of aloe vera products.

Major fields of Forever

1.Aloe vera-based drinks

2.Bee-derived cosmetics

3.Dietary supplements

4.Personal care products

5.Beauty & health


5. Modicare

It is an Indian direct selling company and its founder is Samir Modi. It is one of the fastest-growing Indian network marketing companies in the nation.

It also offers a wide range of products like Wellness, Skin Care, Personal care, Homecare, etc.

Major fields of Modicare

1.Health & Wellness 

2.Skin Care & beauty

3.Personal care 




Oriflame is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company which is founded in Sweden in 1967 by Jonas af Jochnick, Robert af Jochnick, and Bengt Hellsten.

Oriflame is famous for its beauty products in over 60 countries and it is marketed by 3 million Oriflame distributors. It offers a wide range of beauty and personal care, skincare, cosmetics products.

Major fields of Oriflame





7.Mi Lifestyle

Mi Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd multi-level marketing (MLM) company is incorporated on 13 August offers a Wide Range of high-quality lifestyle products for daily use.

Mi Lifestyle is directed by Mohamed Omer, Arshak jawhar, and Vittobha Suresh.

Major fields of Mi Lifestyle


2.Personal care

3.Health & Wellness 

4. Lifestyle 

5.Agro care


Avon products inc. is a direct selling company in beauty, personal care, and household items. In 2019, it generates revenue of $5.57 billion worldwide.

Avon is founded in 1886, by David H. McConnell, and its headquarters in London. Avon is the second largest direct-selling company in the world and it is mainly focused on beauty and skincare products.

Major fields of Avon


2.Personal care

3.Health & Wellness 



6.Skin Care




Herbalife is a company that specializes in weight-loss products and nutrition. It was founded in 1980 by Mark Hughes in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Herbalife offers a wide array of products to help maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Herbalife products are based on the core ingredient of the company: the herbs, minerals, and vitamins that are part of a healthy diet.

Herbalife is actively supporting the well-being of people all over the world through its network of independent members, distributors, retailers, and partners.

Major fields of Herbalife & fitness 

2.Personal care

3.Health & Wellness 


5.weight loss


it is an Indian direct selling enterprise and it is founded by Mr.Roshan Singh Bisht in 2011. Asort is a fashion-based organization and its headquarters are in Chandigarh (Mohali).

it provides a wide array of products like fashion, beauty, skincare, clothing, accessories, etc and saves you time and money. Asort allows you to quickly find and buy the items you are looking for.

I use it myself when looking for something specific in one of my favorite stores and am amazed at how much quicker I can find an item than I would be able to do it piece by piece.

Major fields of Asort


2.Personal care

3.Health & Wellness 

4.Fitness & nutrition

5.Beauty & skincare


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