July 19, 2024

A Quick Discussion on the Advantages of Using IBC Totes for Shipments

Renting IBC totes is quite an efficient and simple solution. 

The benefits of renting these intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) as opposed to buying are significant. Some of the problems that you can address by renting them include:

– Not having enough money to buy the IBCs according to your budget

– Production variances

– Poor usage of space as well as money when the IBCs are not being used

– Inability to deal with special orders

A properly run IBC rental is one of the best ways to prevent having to spend a great deal of capital to buy high grade IBC containers according to Verde Trader. Also, these rentals are a very simple solution since they will only take a couple of days to arrive as opposed to weeks or months. It is also an option to purchase refurbished IBC Totes. The stainless steel IBCs will provide your business with many advantages and we will now look at 6 of them. 

Saves Cash

You won’t need to have a large amount of cash to invest in buying IBCs when you can simply rent them. Renting is very affordable with low monthly fees and you won’t need to pay a downpayment. You can then use your money in other ways for your business. 

Quick Results

Renting the stainless steel IBC totes allows you to gain access to them right away. This allows you to use them in your business without having to wait and deal with delays. 

Avoid Wasted Assets

Another benefit of renting IBCs is that you can rent the number of IBCs that you need and simply return them when no longer needed. This ensures that you don’t have any IBCs on your property when you don’t need them so that they don’t take up space that can be used in other ways. 

Get The Latest IBC Totes

When you buy IBC totes, you will be making a heavy commitment and they’ll eventually become obsolete after some time. On the other hand, if you rent IBCs, you can always rent the most advanced totes that are available. This means that you can avoid getting stuck with outdated totes by renting. 

Greater Budgetary Flexibility

You can easily reduce your operating expenses by renting IBC totes in the short term as well as over time. This is due to the fact that it is easy to get started with a rental program and since you’ll save money and time, it will increase productivity. 

Tax Savings

Whenever you buy an asset, it will depreciate with them. However, when you go the route of renting IBCs, you will spend less on operations which will lead to larger tax savings.

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