July 11, 2024

Things to do when Losing a Football Bet

Betting on the ball is first and foremost a game. A little higher, it can be considered an investment channel. It’s a game, it’s an investment. If there is a time to win, there will also be a time to lose. This is an inevitable law that no one can deny. So, when you lose a football bet, what do you need to do? The answer will be in the content of the article below by 22Bet.

Stop the game to calm down

Many players, when losing bets, immediately become bitter and want to get back in any way. However, when we lose, we often fall into an unstable, agitated, and easily shaken psychological state, and self-control is often ineffective. Therefore, it is best to pause the game, give yourself a certain amount of time, enough to calm down, balance, and be ready for the return of the next bet. There are still many betting opportunities ahead. Why do you have to be stubborn and take risks to trade?

Seriously, think about the choices that made you fail

Where to fall, get up, there is a saying that you have to think about. If you lose a bet, there will be a reason for that failure. For example, You made the wrong choice because you made the wrong bet at the wrong time

Choosing the wrong way to bet the wrong way

There has not been a thorough investment in research, evaluation, and analysis of the situation, especially parameters related to confrontation history, playing performance, starting lineups, and leading coaches. point total for thirst,…

Wrong choice due to the influence of other opinions around me, not enough confidence, knowledge, sanity, and stance for one’s own choice.

Not following the match closely with the odds fluctuations can directly affect the final win or loss result.

Practice playing with your mind instead of your emotions

Pham is already a football lover, likes to bet on football, and often has his own love and worship for a team. It all leads to support. However, if the support just stops at having fun and satisfying emotions, it’s very good. Going beyond that, backing leads to betting on that team in all bets, which is an extremely blind story. Because at this time, the support is also accompanied by the use of stakes, the wrong support is losing money, along with many other consequences.

Ideally, there should be a separation between reason and emotion. Love but do not always choose.If chosen, it must come from reason, from analysis, evaluation, and careful consideration.

Allow yourself to relax with your own pleasures

Playing and losing a bet at a small level probably won’t have big consequences. However, if you play bets and lose at a high level, players will need time to re-balance.Rebalancing is best done through self-satisfaction and comfort with personal pleasures.

Everyone has their own hobbies, such as listening to music, watching movies, reading books, volunteering, traveling, going to coffee, drinking beer, cooking… Believe me, if you need to relieve stress, nothing is faster than satisfying your own feelings, pampering yourself.

Prepare well for the next bets

Carefully plan the bets you plan to enter later by taking the time to go through all the information, making a list of possible strategies, and having your stake allocation and play time. a reasonable bet.

Above is all the content that we want to share. Hopefully, it can help you in times of crisis because of “losing bets”. Wish you good luck and win a lot when betting.

Karan Shah

Karan Shah is an Edu-preneur, Tedx speaker, Harvard alumnus specializing in eCommerce, and the founder of IIDE - The Digital School. He is a reputed author on the topics of education, digital marketing, and Ed-techs. Over the years he has penned a plethora of articles in leading news outlets such as Entrepreneur, BusinessWorld, Education Times, and Youth Magazine to name a few.