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Checkout These popular online Games that you can enjoy everyday

Gaming is one of the most popular stressbusters that people opt for in their leisure time. From video games in the 90s to the present online gaming world, virtual gaming amusement has not faded a bit in the long run of its existence. Rather, it is more accessible to people and still is keeping our mundane days lightened up. Texas Holdem is one such game of cards that is among the most favoured card games. This game is relatively simple and easy to play than the other poker forms. GetMega is an online platform that proffers you to play this popular variant of poker with multiple people live. Besides, you get a plethora of gaming options to dig into to make your boring days interesting. The most fascinating part of playing games on the GetMega platform is that you can win money as a prize. But here we are going to discover more about the various popular online games that we can enjoy. So without further ado let the search begin.

Variants of the Poker Game Texas Hold’em You can Play Online

There are primarily 3 types of Texas Hold’em poker that you can be enjoyed through the GetMega application. These games are majorly different from one another by the limits of betting:

Limit Texas Hold’em

This is a variant of poker where the betting amount is determined prior to the initiation of the game. As the Hold’em Texas game has 4 rounds of betting the betting size of the first two rounds is generally half in size when compared to the last two rounds.

No Limit Texas Hold’em

Here there is no limiting to betting. You can bet any amount you like including betting off all the chips you have. However, the lower limit is different for each Texas Hold’em game. It differs from venue to venue.

Pot Texas Hold’em

The betting in this type of Texa Hold’em game depends on the pot size of the particular game. Besides, the lower limit is set according to the collected amount for the pot. This implies the chips or amount collected in one game. Every participant can bet according to the pot size. However, the betting amount cannot be more than the size of the pot.

Other Popular Games to Play Online


This is the card game that is popular among gamers who like their card games to test their patience. Here you have to play with multiple players either belonging to your friend circle or people sharing the same interest in rummy. Every player participating has to make two sequences abiding by the conditions of the game. One of these two sequences has to be pure. On the other hand, the second sequence can be either pure or impure. The participant who has the best combination or set of cards will get to win the pot prize.

Fruit Kaat

Lacking concentration is a problem you face? Then this is the game that can help you improve your levels of concentration. This game includes cutting and slashing fruit by vertical and horizontal movements. The more you cut the better you score. Besides, you may get many obstacles that should not be mistaken for fruit. The game requires high levels of concentration to score higher. There is no end to this game. However, when you enter a competition the participant who scores the highest will be declared the winner.


This is a game for mathematics lovers. PEMDAS and BODMAS are applied in most of the problems in this game. Here you play with multiple people to solve sums the quickest. You can win money as a prize by solving this maths quiz before the other contenders. You can apply skills of tables and fast mathematical mind to win such rewards 27✕7. The game starts with solving basic problems of maths belonging to the categories of addition, multiplication, subtraction and division. With every round the difficulty of the game increases.

Go Pool

Many variants of the pool are popular in online gaming portals. These include a straight pool and a Chinese pool. The game requires striking balls with a billiard stick to court on their own side. The game rules are similar to carrom. This game is generally played between two players but the online version has a twist. You get to break in only when your stick touches the cue ball. Unlike the offline game of pool in the online version, you have to hit the object’s balls towards the cue balls instead of hitting the cue ball near the object balls.

Online games do require some time and practice to reach good scores and there are a variety of platforms like GetMega, using which you can ace up your skills. Here, besides card games, you can choose games from casual, trivia, card and quiz games. Whatever you select to play you will have a good chance of winning cash prizes. And these are legal as well.


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